Femme Fatale – Hundred Years Winter

My second attempt at getting my greedy mitts on this shade was a success!  I immediately craved Hundred Years Winter from the moment that Femme Fatale posted preview shots of their Narnia-inspired nail polish collection. Unfortunately, they had to suspend direct sales to the US for a little bit, and the first run of US stock at Color4Nails sold out lickety-split. But I was patient, and I grabbed it on the restock– the last restock for this shade, as it turns out. So if you want this color, now’s the time!


The shade is a dusty plum mauve with strong aqua green shimmer. It’s like Fyrinnae’s Witchcraft lipstick in nail polish form. It also reminds me quite a lot of Takko Nails’ Wanderlust, although that is a bit cooler toned in terms of the base– it’s a little greyer, a little less mauve. And where Wanderlust is a jelly, this is– I don’t quite know how to explain it. A squishy cream? I own a lot of Femme Fatale polish, and this is by far the thickest one I’ve tried. It was a two coater, but I had to be careful not to disturb the first layer when I applied the second.


Anyway, it’s quite lovely, even though I found the formula a little fussier than I usually expect from Femme Fatale. It makes a GORGEOUS Autumn neutral-with-a-kick. I kind of want to do some nail art over it, now that my nails have begun to recover from a bad break I had a few weeks ago.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next few collections by Femme Fatale– I know they have a Dune collection coming out in a few months, and that is DEFINITELY on my radar!


2 thoughts on “Femme Fatale – Hundred Years Winter

  1. For some reason, this reminds me a bit of Revlons Streetwear polishes! 🙂 I love FF nail polishes, dying to get my hands on some soon

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