The first batch of Autumn candles!

EEeeee. I cannot wait for Autumn. I just posted my first round of glittery, iridescent Autumn candles on my site (


All of the scents are hand blended, not stock scents. They are:

AUTUMNVALE BAKERY: The most delicious treats in town come from the Autumnvale Bakery, where something tasty is always fresh out of the oven! Today’s specials are cider donuts with maple cream frosting, and pumpkin macarons with spiced vanilla filling! This one will definitely sate your sweet tooth!

AUTUMNVALE CAFE: Everyone knows that the best cuppa around can be found at the Autumnvale Cafe. Chat at the counter while your barista whips you up the perfect pumpkin spice latte, or grab a cozy booth by the bookcase and read a borrowed novel while you sip a cinnamon chai. This delicious brew will make your home smell like your favorite coffee shop in the fall.

AUTUMN ROSE: Reminiscent of the last roses clinging to the vine as the chill of Autumn descends. It is a blend of three roses: one crimson, one golden, and one burgundy velvet. I would describe it as floral, and just a touch woodsy.

PERSEPHONE DESCENDING: This blend honors the Goddess Persephone as she begins her journey to the Underworld, where she will abide with Hades until the coming Spring. The land will bear fruit, then chill, lying fallow until she again rises to warm the soil. This blend features notes of pomegranate, cranberry, and just a touch of dragon’s blood to soften the edges.

EQUINOX: A celebration of Mabon, the second harvest. On the day when light and night are equal, the air is crisp and cool, carrying the scent of ripe red apples from the orchards over the hill. After a day of apple picking, come home to a glass of fresh, sweet cider and relax as the sun goes down. All is in balance.

SAMHAIN DUSK: An atmospheric blend that is a bit hard to describe. I created it to encapsulate the still, potent magic of late Autumn evenings, when the air is brisk, the sun sets early, and the twilight is at its most luminous. It features notes of dry amber, cassia and clove, the smoke of distant bonfires, and the faintest breath of orange peel.

Oh, and, bonus. A limited number of wax tarts!



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