Aromaleigh Swatches, featuring Gorgon!

Today, I have for you a handful of swatches from my most recent Aromaleigh order. I placed the order specifically for the Gorgon lip gloss, but ended up grabbing a few shadow samples while I was there, too.



In the tube, Gorgon looks like a dark, cool-toned purple with very strong aqua green shimmer. It looks a bit intimidating. But fear not! It applies much lighter. Continue reading


A Whole Bunch of Fyrinnae Swatches!

I have lots of swatch posts building up in my backlog. This one contains my two most recent Fyrinnae orders, including a handful of shadows, plus Witchcraft & Wizardry lip colors.

Here’s how I did my swatches for this round, and, aside from my yet-to-have-been-posted swatches, I’m probably going to be doing going forward: the top row is bare skin. The middle is over a black liner, to show duochromes. The bottom is over primer (Too Faced Shadow Insurance).

The first batch are some of  the Exquisites, which are basically very sheer, chunkier multichromatic sparkles that look best layered over other colors, although I’ve worn them multiple times now over lighter shades just for some shimmer, and they look great that way, too. Note: you will need some kind of sticky base (Pixie Epoxy, Glitter Glue) to keep the sparkle from raining down your face.

Princess For A Day, Beyond This World, Elegant Revelry, Fantasy Creatures

Princess For A Day, Beyond This World, Elegant Revelry, Fantasy Creatures

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Sixteen92: Scent Assortment Review!


Hey all! I have a random sampling of Sixteen92 scents to share with you. I also bought one of the detangling sprays, but haven’t used it enough for a proper review, so I’ll hold off for now.

I purchased seven of the 2ml samples, which are longer than most companies’ samples. Here’s a comparison pic with their freebie sample size vs their 2ml sample. Their freebie is the same size as lots of samples, like Possets and BPAL Imps’ Ears.

Free sample vs standard sample size.

Free sample vs standard sample size.

Onto the scents!

Black Sugar – Brown Sugar, Red Berries, Caramel, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Dirt, Cauldron Smoke, Cocao Absolute

Upon first application, I got caramel, vanilla musk, and dry cocoa powder, with a fleeting smoky top note. It’s a sexy, sultry gourmand– a slightly darker take on the Pink Sugar concept.

Eternal Return – Peat moss and damp garden soil, tomato leaf, beetroot, grass, herbs, lavender spikes, galbanum, sun-warmed oak bark

Dirt, grass stains, and tomato leaf, very herby. Like an herb garden after a rainshower. I really like tomato leaf as a note in the summertime, as it doesn’t get overwhelming, and it’s a nice break from heavier, sweeter scents. That said, this one had the weakest sillage for me, and stayed very close to my skin.

Paper Moon – Soft vanilla musk, benzoin, oakmoss, trailing ivy, peach blossom, rose 

This scent is all pale vanilla musk and strong oakmoss. Very soft and muzzy. A little bit of peach blossom at a distance, but after about a half hour, I get only the oakmoss with a slightly resiny vanilla base. This one stuck around about twice as long as any of the other Sixteen92 scents I tested, so it’s a good thing I love oakmoss!

Salem – Damp leaves, church incense, Italian leather, dry birch woods, clove bud absolute, bonfire smoke

Wet, it’s smoky insense, heavy on the clove, with bits of leaf litter and leather in the background. Portentous and atmospheric. Very witchy. There is a smoky note that emerges, but it doesn’t have that warm, comforting sense of a bonfire. It’s got a sense of– finality. A working done. Blackened pages. Burned, old wood. Stays very clove heavy throughout its wear. I really liked this one, and I’m going to pick up a bottle of it for my trip to Salem in the fall!

Southern Gothic – Mandarin Orange, Apple, Coconut Pulp, Southern Magnolia, Jasmine Sambac, Balsam, White Sandalwood

An expertly blended scent– no one note dominates. Mostly I smell magnolia rounded by coconut, but not sweet coconut– the actual, unsugared flesh. A little bit of the dryness of sandalwood comes into play, and overall, this is a close-to-the-skin, work appropriate scent. Soft and comforting without being heavy. After a while, it almost smells orris-y, with a powdery jasmine note. I’d say this is a good starting floral for most floral haters, because it’s never cloying or funereal.

The Afterparty – Chocolate espresso truffle cake with marshmallow filling topped with dark chocolate ganache

This oil is all super dark chocolate marshmallow. Not marshmallow as in gooey-sweet, but marshmallow as in “I am smelling an actual chocolate marshmallow.” It’s not too much. I get a little bit of espresso, but mostly it’s dry dark chocolate– almost a cocoa powder type of chocolate. Like chocolate lava cake paired with coffee.

The Beautiful & Damned – Sparkling pink grapefruit, strawberry, raspberry and currant with soft violet, gardenia and vanilla absolute 

I get mostly berries and currant to start. No tart grapefruit, no florals. A very realistic swirl of red berry. I liked that it was not super sweet. A lot of times berry scents are, and it becomes quickly overwhelming. This doesn’t do this, which makes it a nice choice for berry lovers.

The Masquerade Party – Spiced pumpkin cake filled with toasted pecans and topped with maple buttercream

When first applied, I got a strong hit of pecan, with maple hovering subtly over cakey notes. It’s sweet, but not a total sugar rush. The pecans drop off after 15 minutes or so, and it’s a sweetly frosted spice cake. Nothing about this smells synthetic, and the notes combine to create a realistic pastry case scent. My skin really amps sugar, so after about an hour, it was mostly maple frosting one me.

Swatch post! Indie Iridescent Purples

Hey all! This is a quickie swatch post to include recently-released iridescent purple shades, as well as some similar ones in the color family for comparison. I plan to have full-face shots of Witchcraft, Wizardry, and Gorgon soon (Sorceress and Faerie Wings have already been reviewed), but I wanted to get the swatches out now for anyone thinking of getting them. All shots were taken in diffused natural lighting on an overcast day.

So, without further ado:

Fyrinnae Witchcraft, Fyrinnae Wizardry, Aromaleigh Gorgon, Darling Girl Faerie Wings, Notoriously Morbid Sorceress

Fyrinnae Witchcraft, Fyrinnae Wizardry, Aromaleigh Gorgon, Darling Girl Faerie Wings, Notoriously Morbid Sorceress

Fyrinnae Witchcraft, Fyrinnae Wizardry, Aromaleigh Gorgon, Darling Girl Faerie Wings, Notoriously Morbid Sorceress

Fyrinnae Witchcraft, Fyrinnae Wizardry, Aromaleigh Gorgon, Darling Girl Faerie Wings, Notoriously Morbid Sorceress

Bare lips, if you prefer a shot for pigmentation.

Bare lips

Bare lips

Darling Girl Faerie Wings 3D Balm Gloss: the least pigmented, a slightly grapey gloss with pretty but subtle blue sparkle. A very wearable lip. Low fuss.

Darling Girl Faerie Wings

Darling Girl Faerie Wings

Aromaleigh Gorgon: a nicely pigmented, mid-opacity grape purple with noticeable green shimmer and pinkish tones (on me). Definitely not as dark-looking as the tube. Non-sticky and very pretty.

Aromaleigh Gorgon

Aromaleigh Gorgon

Notoriously Morbid Sorceress Mystic Matte:  Full-face here. A pink-leaning mauvey purple with very noticeable blue shimmer. The matte makes it really stand out. This lipstick continues to be my jam.

Notoriously Morbid Sorceress

Notoriously Morbid Sorceress

Fyrinnae Witchcraft: A plum with brown undertones and aqua shift. Very wearable, and nice for fall.  Nowhere near as dark as Wizardry, and the shift is a little more muted. Smells like vanilla, decent formula. Not waxy, not stiff, but not slippery-creamy, either.

Fyrinnae Witchcraft

Fyrinnae Witchcraft

Fyrinnae Wizardry: A cool-toned dark purple with a brown undertone, and bananas aqua blue shift. Patchy as all get out on the first layer, evens with a second. Very gothy.

Fyrinnae Wizardry

Fyrinnae Wizardry

Bonus shot: Fyrinnae Witchcraft tube!

Fyrinnae Witchcraft

Fyrinnae Witchcraft

What a disappointment: Lunatick Labs Hocus Pocus Palette

I ordered the Lunatick Labs Hocus Pocus palette almost without thinking. I mean, look at this packaging. It’s so spookily awesome:

Lunatick Labs Hocus Pocus Palette

And the colors appeared to be perfect for me– a good mix of Halloween brights I could use to break out of my normal shade range. AND A BAT MIRROR, YOU GUYS.

Lunatick Labs Hocus Pocus Palette

I’d heard good things about Lunatick’s lipstick shades from bloggers I trust, and so I took the plunge on this palette, which is named after one of my favorite movies of all time, Hocus Pocus. Here are the shades:

Sacrifice, Lime Lagoon

Sacrifice, Lime Lagoon

Phantom Craft, Omen, Pumpkin Queen

Phantom Craft, Omen, Pumpkin Queen

Unfortunately, the packaging was, by far, the best thing about this total dud of a palette. I haven’t been this let down by a product in a long time. I would go as far as to say that the performance of these colors was so abysmal, I would consider the site swatches to be very near to false advertising. Continue reading

The first batch of Autumn candles!

EEeeee. I cannot wait for Autumn. I just posted my first round of glittery, iridescent Autumn candles on my site (


All of the scents are hand blended, not stock scents. They are:

AUTUMNVALE BAKERY: The most delicious treats in town come from the Autumnvale Bakery, where something tasty is always fresh out of the oven! Today’s specials are cider donuts with maple cream frosting, and pumpkin macarons with spiced vanilla filling! This one will definitely sate your sweet tooth!

AUTUMNVALE CAFE: Everyone knows that the best cuppa around can be found at the Autumnvale Cafe. Chat at the counter while your barista whips you up the perfect pumpkin spice latte, or grab a cozy booth by the bookcase and read a borrowed novel while you sip a cinnamon chai. This delicious brew will make your home smell like your favorite coffee shop in the fall.

AUTUMN ROSE: Reminiscent of the last roses clinging to the vine as the chill of Autumn descends. It is a blend of three roses: one crimson, one golden, and one burgundy velvet. I would describe it as floral, and just a touch woodsy.

PERSEPHONE DESCENDING: This blend honors the Goddess Persephone as she begins her journey to the Underworld, where she will abide with Hades until the coming Spring. The land will bear fruit, then chill, lying fallow until she again rises to warm the soil. This blend features notes of pomegranate, cranberry, and just a touch of dragon’s blood to soften the edges.

EQUINOX: A celebration of Mabon, the second harvest. On the day when light and night are equal, the air is crisp and cool, carrying the scent of ripe red apples from the orchards over the hill. After a day of apple picking, come home to a glass of fresh, sweet cider and relax as the sun goes down. All is in balance.

SAMHAIN DUSK: An atmospheric blend that is a bit hard to describe. I created it to encapsulate the still, potent magic of late Autumn evenings, when the air is brisk, the sun sets early, and the twilight is at its most luminous. It features notes of dry amber, cassia and clove, the smoke of distant bonfires, and the faintest breath of orange peel.

Oh, and, bonus. A limited number of wax tarts!


Solstice Scents Review, Part 2

Solstice Scents, Part 2

Way back in February, I started a Solstice Scents review that I never quite finished. The reason is that I rarely wear perfume at home anymore. My kitty, Nox, has intestinal lymphoma, and one of the side effects of one of his medications is that he goes through cycles where he is VERY sensitive to scent. If he gets overwhelmed by too much scent, it affects his appetite. He started one of those cycles in the middle of my testing, and as Solstice Scents are the absolute strongest and most potent perfume oils I’ve ever tried, I discontinued testing them. He’s doing a lot better, which has allowed me to resume some scent-wearing (and candle-making), so now is as good a time as ever to finish those reviews!

COVERED BRIDGE – The Foxcroft Collection – Woods, Moss, Leaves, Wood Smoke, Dirt, Ozone, Fir Absolute

The opening notes are wet wood, dirt, and smoke. It’s a very very realistic woodlands blend, complete with notes of fresh Autumn air. I expected this to be similar to The Night Watcher, but it’s got a lot less cedar/balsalm/fir going on, and no tart berry note. Overall, I’d call this woodsy and unisex. I like it as a perfume, but it would also be amazing as an atmostpheric spray.

HIDDEN LODGE – Woodland Collection –  Dry Wood Blend, Oud, Woodsmoke, Spices, Castoreum

This, too, is a woody blend, but with the addition of a dry spice. The overall impression I got while it was wet was firewood and cardamom pods. However, after a few minutes, a weird note that I couldn’t place developed. It smelled feral in a bad way– musky and greasy. Like civet but not as dry. I actually checked to see if my cat hadn’t made a mess near me, because it smelled… kind of like when my boycat gets anal gland stank on something. Of the notes listed, the only one I was unfamiliar with was castoreum, so I googled what it smells like. One person described it as smelling like “the business end of a beaver.” Another like urine and cheese. Yep, that’s the culprit alright. YECH. I had to scrub this one off. It was terrible on me.

LIBRARY – The Manor Collection – Leather Bound Books, A Carved Rosewood Mantle, Dying Fireplace Embers, Wood Wainscoting, Cedar Shelving and Aged Paper

Soft brown leather, lignin, and a touch of rosewood. Oh, yeah. This one smells like a cozy library, and a day spent indoors by the fire. I want to slather my Kindle cover in this.

MAPLEWOOD INN –  The Foxcroft Collection – Maple, Woods, Amber, Benzoin, A Roaring Fire & A Hot Cup Of Frothy Vanilla Chai

When initially applied, I smell a woody scent with a strong maple sugar note. As it dries, much of the maple sweetness settles, leaving a smoky fireplace and amber scent. Many of the scents I chose for my samples had similar notes, so it’s unsurprising to me that this one smells similarly to several others I sampled. They all have very similar smoke + woods bases, but with differing top notes. This is cozy and nice.

MONARCH – The Woodland Collection – Rich Red Musk, Fir, Juniper, Cedar, Frankincense, Labdanum, Moss

Red musk, juniper, and frankincense when wet. Red musk, juniper, and frankincense when dry. Something about the way the juniper and the frankincense are combining just isn’t doing it for me– they are merging together to create something that smells like grape incense. It’s not unpleasant, but it’s also just not my cuppa.

SMOKY MOUNTAIN MALLOW – Wood Smoke, Fossilized Amber Resin, Lapsang Souchong CO2, Guaiacwood, Labdanum, Nutmeg EO, Marshmallow

MMMMMMM. Super smoky wood with the faintest hint of marshmallow. The marshmallow comes out more as it dries, but it’s not a sticky-sweet marshmallow, tempered as it is by dry nutmeg. A supremely comforting scent, and one of roasting sweets over an Autumn campfire.