New Hair: A Tale Told in Instagram Pics

I’ve had pink hair for years. Occasionally, I’d put a little purple on the underside, but in the end, the pink always won. Which is fine. Pink looks great on me. But recently, I’d been craving a bit of a change. I know the pink is here to stay– bleach lightens it a little, but it will never come completely out. So I conceived a purple to pink ombre, starting with my roots, which were less suffused with color, and therefore a bit easier to lift.

Step one: the bleachening. I hadn’t used bleach on my hair in years. I really horribly damaged my hair with bleach about six years ago, and the resulting broom atop my head convinced me to use it VERY sparingly in the future. I’m a dirty blond naturally– so in general, when I lighten my hair, I use an ammonia free box blond. This time I used a Manic Panic flash lightning kit on the first 3″ of my roots.

Step 1: The Blondening

Step 1: The Blondening

As a result, my roots were very light blond, and where the pink had been? A lighter pink. My bangs had been thoroughly coated in 40 vol bleach, and they were like, “newp.”

My pink scoffs at bleach.

My pink scoffs at bleach.

Step two was the application of color. I stand by Special Effects, forever and ever amen. I used Pimpin’ Purple on the first 3 inches, and then blended the purple 1/2  and 1/2 with Virgin Rose for the next 3″/ I only put fresh color to my jawline, essentially, since my ends were already a nice pink shade. I wrapped my ends in aluminum foil so they wouldn’t get color on them, and tucked it all up under a shower cap. I let it sit for about four hours.

Step 2: The Purpling

When I washed it out, it was REALLY dark for the first night. But I washed it a second time (to get the rest of the dye off my scalp) and this is how it ended up. Really pretty, huh?


My camera kept portraying the purple as pink, but with the Perpetua filter, all is fixed. That shot is actually pretty true to life.

And then last night, I got my summer hair cut. I cut my hair on average twice a year. Just enough to even out layers and take off the split ends.  The stylists insisted on playing with my hair, telling me that I was “their own personal Barbie doll.” Which sounds creepy, but was meant affectionately, so.  Mostly I was just chuffed that they were surprised I’d done my own color and were asking ME for coloring tips. Win.


So that’s the new hair. I like it a lot!


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