Two Gradient Manis!

Lately, I have been working on my nail game, trying out more challenging sponge gradients. Things I learned:

* Masking fluid is your friend.

* Even with masking fluid, removing the excess polish from your cuticles is not as easy as nail bloggers make it look.

* Cremes are the easiest to do gradients with. Glass fleck shimmers barely work at all.

I have a lot of beautiful Autumn holos & cremes that I’m going to be doing some art with soon, including my first, hopefully not disastrous, shot at a water marble.

Anywho, here are two manis I did this week:

#1 was a really simple mani that looks like two colors, but was in fact three. Ulta Here Comes The Sun (Orange, cruelty free), Revlon African Tea Rose (Pink, not cruelty free*), and Zoya  Keko (Purple, cruelty free). I spent a good half hour cleaning up my cuticles and I still couldn’t get the crusties off, boo. Took a day’s worth of washing my hands to get them off. But I do love how smooth and sunset-y it is.


#2 used two of the same colors (Keko, African Tea Rose) plus Zoya’s Breezi (blue, cruelty free), to make a Bi Pride flag gradient. I wanted a little extra pop, so I used Essie Rollin’ With The Chromies (silver, not cruelty free*) to stamp silver constellations on my nails. LOVE how it turned out.

IMG_4844 IMG_4849

Still got some blue staining going on, but it’s getting better!

* My plan for non-cruelty free products in my stash is to use them up, and then replace them with cruelty free options. So there will be NCF products used in looks until they’re gone, and I will make a point to note them.


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