#LoveWins Mani!

I am so so happy to hear that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality and love yesterday. A lot of people assume that I am straight because I am married to a man, but as a bisexual, I am thrilled that all members of my community now have the right to marry in every state in the USA!

I haven’t had a ton of time for makeup or polish lately, but I did take an hour yesterday to paint my nails in rainbow hues!

I used: Digital Nails’ I See France (one-coat black creme), a Vivid Lacquer stamping plate, and OPI’s nail tints. I’m a bit sad that I could only get a pastel rainbow with the tints, but after thinning them a little with a few drops of Seche Restore, I was able to get them perfectly blendable! Note: OPI is not cruelty free as I see it: they sell in China which requires mandatory animal testing. As such, I will be replacing these bottles (and adding to my colors) with the Soap Bubbles tint collection by Esmaltes da Kelly!

IMG_4819 IMG_4825

Thumbs up for SCOTUS!



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