I Made Candles!

It’s been a while since I made any candles for sale, but I got the itch again last month, and I’m hooked on it again! I tend to work in small batches, with fragrances I blend myself. I want my scents to be unique, so I never add a pre-fabbed fragrance to the wax as-is. They’re always scents I blended until I got them just the way I wanted them. Look how they turned out!






The scents in this limited release are:

Amas: A lemon rose cream meant to aid in the drawing of love.

Angelica: A dizzying blend of two oranges and sandalwood musk.

Avalon: Egyptian musk, sacred apples, and a touch of dragon’s blood.

Invocation: A blend of sacred resins– two ambers, copal, dragon’s blood– and a deep, woody sandalwood.

Sidhe Draoi: A woodsy blend of green leaves, moss, cedar, and fresh soil to honor dryads.


They’re available in a limited release at www.sihayadesigns.com!


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