#LoveWins Mani!

I am so so happy to hear that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality and love yesterday. A lot of people assume that I am straight because I am married to a man, but as a bisexual, I am thrilled that all members of my community now have the right to marry in every state in the USA!

I haven’t had a ton of time for makeup or polish lately, but I did take an hour yesterday to paint my nails in rainbow hues!

I used: Digital Nails’ I See France (one-coat black creme), a Vivid Lacquer stamping plate, and OPI’s nail tints. I’m a bit sad that I could only get a pastel rainbow with the tints, but after thinning them a little with a few drops of Seche Restore, I was able to get them perfectly blendable! Note: OPI is not cruelty free as I see it: they sell in China which requires mandatory animal testing. As such, I will be replacing these bottles (and adding to my colors) with the Soap Bubbles tint collection by Esmaltes da Kelly!

IMG_4819 IMG_4825

Thumbs up for SCOTUS!



Review: Country Market Crafts Bath Treats

Country Market Crafts

I love cupcakes. I like taking fancy baths. Thanks to Country Market Crafts, I can now combine two of my favorite things. Aren’t these bath cupcakes freakin’ adorable? Because, yeah, they totally are.

In April, I placed my inaugural order for some bath treats. I purchased:

  • Bath cupcakes in Lemon Verbena, Lavender, and Strawberry Cream
  • Ice Cream Scoop Solid Bubble Bath in Wildberry and Birthday Cake
  • Solid Bubble Bath Bar in Vanilla Brown Sugar

I was also generously gifted an additional bath bomb in Strawberry N’Cream and a soap slice sample in Lemon Poppyseed.

Country Market Crafts

Country Market Crafts

Long story short, I am really happy with my purchase, and with the customer service I received.

The bath cupcakes are packaged beautifully and with obvious care, and were very nicely scented. I’d say that they weren’t quite as scented as Fantasy Bath, but they were more scented than Lush. The Strawberry Cream bath cupcake in particular made my whole bathroom smell exquisite for a full day after I had bathed. The only real downside to the bath cupcake is that the frosting is supposed to be a bubble bar, and it doesn’t create very many bubbles. It’s hard and stiff and doesn’t froth very well. But the cupcake itself is wonderful, and perfect for gifting. The formula for the standalone bath bomb was very similar, but since it is smaller, it wasn’t quite as fragrant. Still a really nice treat, though.

As for the standalone bubble bars, they create OCEANS of long-lasting bubbles. I used the scoops 1 per bath, but I could have halved them if I’d wanted to. They are really moisturizing, too. The bubble bar can easily last 3 baths, and they created way more bubbles than Lush bars.

As for the soap slice, it smells really good and the formula is really creamy and non-drying. The poppyseed is a little much, though, unless you want a really exfoliating experience. I found them a bit harsh for everyday use.

The package arrived quite promptly, and packaged well. Though shipped from Canada, everything remained intact! I really enjoyed my experience purchasing from this company, and I plan to place another order soon!

I Made Candles!

It’s been a while since I made any candles for sale, but I got the itch again last month, and I’m hooked on it again! I tend to work in small batches, with fragrances I blend myself. I want my scents to be unique, so I never add a pre-fabbed fragrance to the wax as-is. They’re always scents I blended until I got them just the way I wanted them. Look how they turned out!






The scents in this limited release are:

Amas: A lemon rose cream meant to aid in the drawing of love.

Angelica: A dizzying blend of two oranges and sandalwood musk.

Avalon: Egyptian musk, sacred apples, and a touch of dragon’s blood.

Invocation: A blend of sacred resins– two ambers, copal, dragon’s blood– and a deep, woody sandalwood.

Sidhe Draoi: A woodsy blend of green leaves, moss, cedar, and fresh soil to honor dryads.


They’re available in a limited release at www.sihayadesigns.com!

Ten Three Labs: Phantasmagoria, Projection Two

A new-to-me company, Ten Three Labs, recently began doing a limited-release box called Phantasmagoria, each “Projection” of which centers on a haunted town, and features a selection of eye shadows, lip products, and perfume. I was THRILLED when I found out that Ellicott City, MD would be Projection Two. Ellicott City is one of my favorite places on earth. It’s a special date night spot for my husband and I– if you’re relatively local, you should definitely stop at Pure Wine Cafe for their truffle fries and their chocolate pot de crème. And the Bean Hollow is hands-down my very favorite coffee shop in all the land. Plus, we are lovers of haunted history, and whoa can you feel it in Ellicott City! So when I snagged a spot on the Projection Two list, I did a happy dance.

My box arrived on Saturday. I picked up the mail on the way out of the door, and like the impatient lady I am, opened it in the car. And promptly lost my list of what was what. Oops. Well done, self. Luckily, Indiedulge posted shots of her box, including the list, so I’m gonna crib off of her for the descriptions!

Without further ado:

Phantasmagoria, Projection 2 - Ellicott City

Phantasmagoria, Projection Two – Ellicott City

The shadows: the left swatch is over Too Faced Shadow Insurance, the right over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. Continue reading

My Favorite New Polish: Femme Fatale’s Glass Coffin

I have to gush about a polish that I have worn three times this month. My swatches do it absolutely NO JUSTICE, so go look at Emily‘s instead.

Behold, Femme Fatale’s Glass Coffin.

Glass Coffin

Glass Coffin

It’s a subtle thermal with an amazing duochrome shine. Warm, it’s a crystalline blue with icy green shimmer. Cool, it’s a delicate violet with icy green shimmer. But even warm, it takes on violet tones at angles, especially in indoor lighting.

Warm, Sunlight

Warm, Sunlight



Cool, Sunlight

Cool, Sunlight



This is three coats, and honestly, it’s a polish that has to be worn in order to be truly appreciated– it’s just totally enchanting, like fairy wings for my nails. Unbelievably beautiful, omfg.

Worth noting: with no topcoat, this takes on a semi-matte look when dry. I prefer it with topcoat, because it gives off an incredibly glasslike shine then.

Okay. Off to stare at my nails.