This Blog Is Going Cruelty Free!

This has been on my mind for a long time. My longstanding policy is “no cosmetics will be featured here that test their products on animals.” But as many in the makeup world know, in some international countries, there is a requirement that any cosmetics sold there be tested in such a way. Many companies also want a piece of the lucrative Chinese cosmetics industry profits, and so many of the brands that I like and have used made the decision to start selling in China. As such, their cosmetics are no longer cruelty free, as I would personally define it.

That makes me so sad, as that essentially nixes brands I’ve loved for a very long time. Bye bye, Stila. No more of your wonderful liquid liners for me. Ciao Revlon, though I adore your lip products. Later, Clinique, even though I have been SERIOUSLY tempted by your blushes.

What is lucky for me is that since I love indie cosmetics as well as more mainstream brands, I don’t have to make a ton of changes. It’s more about being mindful about new purchases. I will use up what I have from those brands, but I won’t buy anything new from them until their policy changes. L’Oreal is currently working on creating synthetic human skin to erase the need for animal testing, and that is awesome. Hopefully, if it’s cost effective enough, there will be no more need for cosmetic animal testing anywhere in the world.

The one point of contention that I hear a lot in cruelty-free blogging is this: what if a company is cruelty free, but their parent company is not? Isn’t the money all going the same place in the end? And I agree, it’s a very complex question. But my feeling is that I want to spend money where they are making the decision to not test on animals, and if a parent company sees that people will spend the money on cruelty-free products and not shop at companies that test, then hopefully change will come quicker. Vote with your dollars however works for you. This is just my decision.

If you’re interested in which of your brands are cruelty free and which don’t make the cut, I encourage you to visit Cruelty Free Kitty. It’s going to be a part of my blogroll, so I can better familiarize myself with the wonderful world of cruelty free products!


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