Quickie Review: Blooddrop Bath & Body Luxuries

Blooddrop Order

Hey everybody! I’m in the middle of a swatchapalooza right now because I haven’t really been able to wear much makeup for the last few weeks. A combination of allergies and an allergic reaction to Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara that left my eyes a sore red mess has meant I have only used eye makeup sparingly for a bit, which means I’ve been slow to work on face makeup swatches where I usually take full-face pics.

In the meanwhile, I’ve been working on bath and body stuff, but that tends to take longer to review, because oftentimes it takes longer to tell if a product really works for you or not. So in that vein, I have some products from Blooddrop to share!

Isn’t the packaging just lovely? I have a major jones for anything Belle Epoque or Art Nouveau-inspired. I placed an order for the Honey Dust and the Pink Grapefruit & Ginger Body Flutter. The generous sample of Langourous Linen & Chamber Spray and the Roman Chamomile Petite Remedy Salve were gifts from Astrid.

So, where to start?

I’ll get my least-glowing review out of the way first. I was pretty ‘meh’ about the Honey Dust Deodorant Dusting Powder. It smells mostly like cornstarch, a little bit like Fritos, but sweeter. I don’t know if that’s a just my body chemistry thing, but I saw another poster make a comment about it on IMAM an it was spot-on. THAT SAID, the product DOES work. I tested it as an underarm powder, and it both kept wetness to a minimum AND kept me stink-free for about eight hours– not as long as my commercial deodorant, but impressive nonetheless in a muggy DC summer! So yeah, my main issue is that it’s not the scent that I expect from a perfume house like Blooddrop, but all things considered, I’ll use my bottle as an after-showering powder.

Next up is the Langourous Linen & Chamber Spray, which the vial says was a Convergence Exclusive. The site lists the scent as “peach, white tea, black tea, bitter orange, blood orange, ginger, sandalwood and dark patchouli.” To me, it’s a fruity scent that has a nice sophistication to it– it’s not at all sugary or cloying. It’s bright and youthful without smelling immature. The peach and the blood orange are the predominant notes, backed by some tea. I don’t at all smell anything bitter or dark in this scent. It’s quite refreshing.

The Pink Grapefruit & Ginger Flutter Body Cream is my second experience with the Flutter formula, and I like it much more than my first. It’s an equal mix of ginger and citrus– not too tart, not too biting. It’s important to read the directions with this product– you want to scoop out a little bit and rub it between your hands before rubbing it on yourself. Though it looks like a cream, it actually melts quite instantly to an oil, probably owing to the coconut oil in it. Use too much, and it won’t sink into your skin. This may be a bit heavy for me for summer, but I love the scent, so I use it on my legs fresh out of the shower.

ETA: do not leave your Flutter out on your desk on a sunny day while you are writing a review. It will straight-up melt. Popping it into the fridge to see if I can salvage it.

Pink Grapefruit & Ginger Flutter Body Cream

Pink Grapefruit & Ginger Flutter Body Cream

My favorite product was one I least expected: the Petite Remedy Salve in Roman Chamomile. Formulated to help soothe and heal the skin, I found this particularly helpful because after Spoutwood, my hands were A MESS. My cuticles were dry and ragged, and the skin on my knuckles was chafed and peeling. EW! This stuff, though, was a godsend. It does feel a little greasy at first, but it sinks in beautifully. I took to applying this twice daily, and now my hands are in great shape. It has a subtle chamomile scent, and I really love the packaging. I keep my tin on my desk for application after a long day of wirework.

Thank you, Astrid!


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