My Lipstick Library

So, a little while ago, I realized that I had about five of the same exact shade of magenta. I order most of my makeup online after looking at swatches, so naturally, I have racked up some dupes over the years. Add to that, you get the same exact pinky-nude lipstick in pretty much every value set ever. I decided to take a swatch inventory of what I have– both to help me avoid more dupes in the future, and to help talk myself down the next time I *must* have that new version of the same magenta I already have.

About two months ago, I did a destash and got rid of a bunch of lipsticks I never wore– lots of Barbie pinks and stuff that was way too cool-toned for me to ever wear. So this is pretty comprehensive– there’s only one lipstick I own that’s not on here (Bite’s Crimson), and that’s because I can’t find it at the moment.  I didn’t include glosses (except for my glossy stains) nor the OCC/Life’s Entropy lippies that you have to apply with a brush, or the click-pen style gloss/lipstick hybrids (Stila, Brazen, Darling Girl, Shiro). Just traditional lipsticks and liquid lipsticks on this list. So behold: my slightly embarrassing lipstick collection. I have a lot of minis. I love minis. They’re a great way to try out lots of shades, AND they fit into my wallet when I don’t feel like carrying a purse.

Grab yourself a cuppa tea, this is gonna be a long one.

Nudes, MLBB, and Pinky Browns:



1. Bite Beauty – Madeira. The only pale nude I’ve ever liked on me. The only pale nude that has not made me look dead.

2. Bite Beauty – Pepper. I don’t wear this one very often, but it’s good to pair with smoky eyes.

3. Make Up For Ever – Rouge Artist Natural N9. A pretty neutral, very close to #2. Close to a MLBB, but on the nude side.

4. Kat Von D – Vestalula. Slightly pinker than the others, but still more brown than pink.



5. NARS – Tzigane. A creamy, fleshy nude with enough translucency that it doesn’t look corpse-y.

6. Maybelline – Untainted Spice. A warm hazelnut brown.

7.  MAC – O. One of the first lipsticks I ever bought. In the tube, it looks brown. On my arm, it swatches plum with heavy gold interference. On my lips, it looks like a frosty, slightly plummy brown. This morpher looks different on everyone who wears it.



8. L’Oreal – Lilac Ever After. This glossy stain formula looks like it should be more lilac in the tube, but actually goes on a pale pink that oxidizes into a nude pink. Kinda crappy wear time, though.

9. Revlon – Honey. This is the ultimate no-fuss MLBB. A satin pink.

10. Marvelous Moxie – Speak Your Mind. A light, creamy, professional pink.

11. Revlon – Pink Truffle. A translucent, balmy MLBB brown-pink.



12. Bite Beauty – Rhubarb. This browny-pink leans ever so slightly plum. It also looks pinker on my lips.

13. NARS – Christina. This one is a real morpher. It looks different depending on the light. In diffused light, it’s a browny-pink with some berry tone. In sunlight, it’s very berry with lots of gold interference.

14. Nyx – Hope. This is a very creamy brown-pink. My tube has a slightly funky taste, though. Plastic-y or something.

15. Life’s Entropy – Milky Way. The on-trend brown-pink. Full coverage cream, almost a complete dupe for #14 and #15, with minor differences in finish. Smells like vanilla.

16. Maybelline – Touch Of Spice. Basically the same as #14 and #15, but has a matte finish.

Roses, Mauves, & Purples:



17. Nyx – Midnight Dinner. A plummy rose pink.

18. Kat Von D – Whiskey Woman. Basically the same thing as #17, but in a thicker formula.

19. Nyx – Doll. Not an exact dupe of #17 & #18, but close. Creamy, slippery consistency, and very slightly plummier & less saturated.



20. Marc Jacobs – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I actually haven’t gotten to lip swatch this yet, but on my arm, it’s a rosy pink, slightly brighter and more petal-pink toned than #17-#19.

21. Revlon – Sugar Plum. As you can see, this was my jam for a while, and I only have a nubbin left. Sheer, moisturizing, and perfectly plum-mauve.

22. Mary Kay – Rosette.  A slightly plum-leaning pink. I debated chucking this one because it has very little lasting power, but it looks very close to #21 when worn, and it’s moisturizing enough that I should use it before buying another tube of the Revlon.

23. Noyah – Deeply in Mauve. I got this in my Ipsy bag and I LOVE IT. It’s that perfect mid-tone autumnal mauve pink. You can wear it day and night. Love love love this one.



24. Life’s Entropy – Supernova. A slightly mauvey, slightly cool-toned petal pink. A shade or two lighter than #24, with a creamy, opaque finish. Supposedly a dupe for NARS Anna. Smells like cupcakes.

25. Yves Saint Laurent – Mauve Fusain. I have seen this one also sold as Mauve Pigmente. It’s a reddish mauve. Sheerly applied, it’ll lean rustier, heavily applied, more raisin. Wonderful, wonderful shade for Autumn, and lasts forever.

26. Nyx – Power. A frosty, metallic purple-leaning mauve. Surprisingly wearable! Makes me feel like an evil supervillain.



27. City Color – Flirtini. Another Ipsy offering. It swatches slightly plummier than on my lips, where it pulls more petal pink. It’s okay– it has a mousse texture that’s comfortable to wear, but doesn’t stand up to any kind of eating or drinking.

28. Revlon – Berry Haute. This is a nice cream lipstick, but it pulls just slightly too cool toned for my ideal mauve. It is a GREAT training wheels purple, though.

29. Too Faced – Melted Fig. MY LOVE. A recent acquisition, it is the perfect rosy mauve that pulls more purple than pink. Amazing texture, fantastic applicator, A+++. Love the shade and the formula. It is slightly purpler than #23 and a titch more pastel.



30. Too Faced – Metallic Melted Jelly. I just got this, and haven’t worn it yet. It’s a pretty berry purple with a bit of a shimmery pearl. A review is coming soon!

31. Revlon – Iced Amethyst. Wow, this is one of my oldest lipsticks. Frosty like whoa, this is a berry purple with pearly shimmer. It’s slightly translucent, so it looks a little different on everyone.

32. Nyx – Hunk. From the Butter Lipstick line, this soft, balmy lipstick is not as scary as it might look. It pulls very pinky-purple on me, and few shades lighter than the swatch makes it look. Staying power is iffy, so wear a lipliner under it.



33. Bite Beauty – Violet. A pink-purple that is VERY bright. Almost completely opaque, this is a notice-me lipstick and I never wear it out of the house because it’s just a bit too cool-toned for me.

34. Nyx – Twisted. From the new High Voltage line, a pastel-ish cool-toned purple. Enh. I bought this because my husband thought it looked awesome on another blogger. It looks less awesome on me. (Review forthcoming.) It’s just a bit too pastel to suit my skin tone.

35. Nyx – Immortal. I bought this because I had a serious lemming for OCC Technopagan, but didn’t want to shell out $$$ for a shade I’d almost never wear. While not the same color, exactly, they’re in the same ballpark. I haven’t worn this yet, so a review is forthcoming.

Coral Pinks & Oranges:

11a 11b

36. Yves Saint Laurent – Rose Forreau. A glossy stain and one of my absolute favorite shades for spring. This shade is a morpher. It goes on pink-coral and then oxidizes to an orangey coral, but still remains very soft and sweet. Expensive, but worth every penny.

37. Milani – Sugar Glaze. Smells strongly of Watermelon, and is an absolutely gorgeous shade of coral-tinged pink shot through with frosty golden iridescence.

38. Revlon – Peach Parfait. A peachy pink balm full of gold microshimmer. Soft, translucent, and very moisturizing.

39. Mary Kay – Sunset. A coral pink cream with a little bit of shimmer. Nice summer shade.



40. Nyx – Little Susie. A bright pink-leaning coral with very complex undertones– it tends to bring the yellow tones in my skin out, so I don’t wear it as often as I might. Cool toned folks should definitely check this out! (Also, apparently this one is a morpher, as I’ve seen it look almost pastel on some folks!)

41. Nyx – Miracle. A slightly redder version of #41, and with some golden shimmer. The one suits my skin tone a little better.

42. Nyx – Femme. I haven’t had a chance to wear this properly yet, but I think it will look awesome in the summer. It’s a very orange-leaning coral. It looks almost neon in the tube, but doesn’t apply quite so bright.



43. Nyx – Pure Red. Holy wowza, this is an extremely orange-leaning red. I haven’t worn it out yet, but that’s because the matte formula is challenging for me. I’m still working on getting over my general distaste for mattes on my own skin.

44. Maybelline – Neon Red. Bright tomato red that leans orange. On my lips, it looks slightly redder and less orange. I rock this one in the summer. I’m thinking of getting Urban Decay’s Punch Drunk for a very close shade that’s a bit more translucent, because this is A Lipstick. While not particularly high maintenance, it’s so bright that it will show off imperfections in application, which is something I don’t want to worry about on margarita #3.

45. NARS – Autumn Leaves. I bought this RIGHT before I dyed my hair magenta, oops. It’s a rusty pumpkin orange with golden shimmer. Translucent, so your natural lip tone influences the shade. It’s a very, very beautiful color, and one every redhead on the planet should own.

True Reds, Deep Reds, and Berries:



46. L’Oreal – Endless Red. This stain from L’Oreal goes on pinky-red when applied sheerly, but can be built up to a popsicle red. It stains LIKE WHOA, so if you want long-lasting color with translucent sheen, this is a good one.

47. Kat Von D – Outlaw. This liquid lipstick in a bright, pin-up red lasts forever and dries to matte.

48. Rimmel – Red Alert. One of the best drugstore reds there is.

49. Kat Von D – Adora. This is a metallic, slightly cool-toned true red. I think I need to gift this one. It’s a really cool idea, but it looks very meh on my skin tone.

50. Laura Mercier – Red Amour. A creme pin-up true red. Close to, but not quite as saturated as #48.



51. Revlon – Romantique. A pretty deep brick red that goes on translucent for a beautiful wash of color. Not the longest lasting, but very pretty in the fall.

52. Prescriptives – Intriguing. I bought this at the mall many many years ago when I was convinced I looked terrible in red lipstick. It still is a great red for me. A pretty cream formula with a blue-red base, but not so bright that I feel self-conscious. An elegant red.

53. Nyx – Snow White. True to the color of blood, this red has brown, slightly rusty undertones. I found it stiffer and less creamy than most of the other Nyx lippies I own.

54. Maybelline – Divine Wine. A deep, matte brick red that oxidized a little more brown on me as it wore.

55. Sephora Collection – Red Essence. A deep red velvet shade. Behaves very much like a glossy stain, but does not stay glossy for very long. More of a jelly stain.

56. MAC – Dubonnet. The first red lipstick I ever bought. A pretty claret red with brick undertones in a creme formula that’s just a little too soft to stand up to warm weather.

57. Shu Uemura – Rouge Luster. I didn’t know what category to put this one in, because it’s a morpher. In some lights, it’s a berry red with golden luster. In others, a mid-tone, not quite deep red. It’s very pretty, but quite frosty.

16a 16b

58. Tarte – Moody. This is one of those mystery shades that swatches differently on the arm from the lips. On my arm, it’s a rust-leaning berry. On my lips, it swatches more purple-berry, although there are still rusty undertones. Anyway, it’s really beautiful and nuanced. I just wish it lasted longer.

59. Buxom – Menace. A pinky-berry with some translucency to it so it doesn’t look too overdone.

60. Maybelline – Blissful Berry. This one swatches a little lighter and more translucent than the bullet might suggest. It is very slippery and a bit thin, so it’s not my go-to berry. But it’s pretty okay, and a dead-on drugstore dupe for #59.

61. Benefit – Espionage. A slightly translucent raisin-berry. I have found that this one has so much slip to it that it wears kind of patchy, and since I have others that are so close to it in color, I’ll probably end up chucking it.

62. Life’s Entropy – Plasma. A rich and creamy deep mauve-berry. Mysterious and completely opaque.

63. Nyx – Copenhagen. This is part of the soft matte lip cream line. It’s a deep purple-tinged berry. It looks okay for the first hour of wear and then wears unevenly for me. I don’t wear it out because touching it up all the time is annoying, but it looks gorgeous for pictures.

64. Nyx – Dahlia. One of the new High Voltage lippies, review forthcoming. An extremely dark purple-brown berry.



65. Life’s Entropy – Flux. A rich berry red with pinky undertones. Wonderful for winter!

66.  Hourglass – Icon. A beautiful berry red that dries matte and stains like the dickens.

67. Bite Beauty – Cranberry. A rich pinky-red that flatters my complexion so well, and in a thick, creamy formula.

Magentas & Fuchsias:



68. Revlon – Smitten. This candy pink leans fuchsia, but is translucent enough to look like you’ve been sucking on a popsicle, so it’s very wearable.

69. L’Oreal – Infinite Fuchsia. Another glossy stain that’s tenacious as ALL HELL. It does oxidize quite a bit darker over wear, however.

70. Revlon – Raspberry Pie. Somewhere between a berry and a magenta– a very juicy summery pink. I wore this almost the whole time I was at Disney. Very soft and moisturizing, too.

71. Rimmel – Violet Pop. Looks purple, applies magenta with subtle blue shimmer. Unfortunately, a little thin, so while I love the color, I prefer it in different formulas. It’s a pretty good drugstore alternative to #72 and #73, though!

72. NARS – Janet. A vibrant magenta with very subtle blue shimmer. AMAZING opaque coverage, but expensive as hell. This is a luxury lipstick, and lives up to it.

73. Urban Decay – Jilted. Practically the same shade as #72, but with a slightly more metallic sheen, and slightly less creamy application.



74. Maybelline – Vivid Rose. A bright candied fuchsia. Amazing opacity for the drugstore price point, just like the rest of the Vivids line. Very slightly stiff texture, but warms up well.

75. Bite Beauty – Palomino. A bright fuchsia just a shade deeper than #74. Creamy, opaque application.

76. Tarte – Flush. A translucent balm stain, I was disappointed with the wear time. It also has more yellow undertones than the arm swatch lets on.

77. Revlon – Cherries in the Snow. An amazing red-pink with fuchsia-like brightness. Works well on all skin tones, though very warm skin tones might make it look a bit redder. Fantastic formula at a drugstore price.

78. Bite Beauty – Quince. A bouncy, flushed pink with just enough depth to make it comfortable for those taking baby steps into brights. Creamy, wonderful application.

…and a few out-of sequence comparisons.


This is Revlon Romantique (#51) vs Tarte Moody (#58). As you can see, Romantique pulls quite a bit more rusty.


These are my frosty, gold-shimmer shades, shown in sunlight, because they are all such morphers. Pictured: Milani Sugar Glaze (#37), NARS Christina (#13), MAC O (#7), and Shu Uemura Rouge Luster (#57).

WHOO. That was a whole lotta swatching. My arms are now pink. The L’Oreal glossy stain stripes will not come off. I’m sure this list will be out of date and incomplete within a month or so, so I’ll just have to think about a way to update it from time to time!


3 thoughts on “My Lipstick Library

  1. Feeling dippy because I can’t figure out your MLBB acronym. Help please.

    Other than that only bad thing is my list of cosmetics I want to buy just grew. Thanks I think 🙂

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