My Lipstick Library

So, a little while ago, I realized that I had about five of the same exact shade of magenta. I order most of my makeup online after looking at swatches, so naturally, I have racked up some dupes over the years. Add to that, you get the same exact pinky-nude lipstick in pretty much every value set ever. I decided to take a swatch inventory of what I have– both to help me avoid more dupes in the future, and to help talk myself down the next time I *must* have that new version of the same magenta I already have.

About two months ago, I did a destash and got rid of a bunch of lipsticks I never wore– lots of Barbie pinks and stuff that was way too cool-toned for me to ever wear. So this is pretty comprehensive– there’s only one lipstick I own that’s not on here (Bite’s Crimson), and that’s because I can’t find it at the moment.  I didn’t include glosses (except for my glossy stains) nor the OCC/Life’s Entropy lippies that you have to apply with a brush, or the click-pen style gloss/lipstick hybrids (Stila, Brazen, Darling Girl, Shiro). Just traditional lipsticks and liquid lipsticks on this list. So behold: my slightly embarrassing lipstick collection. I have a lot of minis. I love minis. They’re a great way to try out lots of shades, AND they fit into my wallet when I don’t feel like carrying a purse.

Grab yourself a cuppa tea, this is gonna be a long one.

Nudes, MLBB, and Pinky Browns:



1. Bite Beauty – Madeira. The only pale nude I’ve ever liked on me. The only pale nude that has not made me look dead.

2. Bite Beauty – Pepper. I don’t wear this one very often, but it’s good to pair with smoky eyes.

3. Make Up For Ever – Rouge Artist Natural N9. A pretty neutral, very close to #2. Close to a MLBB, but on the nude side.

4. Kat Von D – Vestalula. Slightly pinker than the others, but still more brown than pink. Continue reading


Nail Post! Polishes by Twee & Honey

Yalla Habibeti, Sphagnum Moss, Sparkling Wine, Prototype Polish

Yalla Habibeti, Sphagnum Moss, Sparkling Wine, Prototype Polish

Recently while I was vending, I had the good fortune to talk with the lady behind Twee & Honey nail polish. At the time, I didn’t know that she made nail polish, but once we hit on the topic, that’s pretty much ALL we talked about. In the end, we worked out a trade: a pair of my earrings for some bottles of her nail polish. Pretty sweet deal. The bottles I chose were Yalla Habibeti, a sheer golden yellow with holo glitter, Sphagnum Moss, a green glitterbomb in a clear base, Sparkling Wine, a mauvey-wine jelly with red & blue glitters, and a prototype shade that was unreleased.

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Review: Clean Line Soap Company

A review for Clean Line Soap Company, purveyor of handmade soap, lotion sticks, shampoo bars, and lip balm. This post is about two months in the making. THE SUSPENSE.

Clean Line Soap Company

First of all, USPS didn’t deliver my package. Oh yes, the tracking number said “delivered.” My packages? They were not in my (locked) mailbox, my (locked) parcel box, nor were they delivered to me when I needed to sign for an international package that same day. Two other packages that day were similarly marked delivered, but weren’t. It took me two weeks and approximately fifteen years on the phone with USPS (including filing a claim with their inspection service) to get my package delivered, and even then, they delivered to my neighbor by mistake. The USPS is continuing to earn my ire, is what I’m saying. Thankfully, my soaps were unharmed, considering they were godknowswhere for several weeks.

My initial order was three soaps: Yuzu Rainbow, Kentish Rain, and Arctica. When that package arrived, Arctica had been swapped for Fresh Roses. I contacted the proprietress, Jessica, who got back to me in a friendly, professional, and prompt manner to let me know she would fix the error ASAP and get me a bar of Arctica. I know that the ideal is to get orders right every time, but as someone who ALSO runs a one-person business, sometimes accidents happen when you’re packing orders at OHGODWHENCANISLEEP o’clock at night, and so for me, personally, my real estimation of a company comes when there’s a whoopsie. How does a company respond when something is wrong? In this case, Jessica passed with flying colors, and even gifted me an extra lip balm for my trouble. (I also got to keep the Fresh Roses bar, which is awesome because it was next on my wishlist).

So, after all that waiting, how did the products fare? Onto the reviews! Continue reading

Physician’s Formula Argan Wear Blush in Natural


Today I have to share with you a neat little blush I recently picked up at Ulta. It’s Physician’s Formula’s Argan Wear Blush in Natural. If you ask me, the whole Argan thing has turned into a huge gimmick, so that didn’t play into my decision to purchase at all. No, my decision was made for the shallowest of reasons: because it’s pretty.

So pretty. Continue reading

I’m BAAACK. Featuring Sephora Masks, aka NIGHTMARE FUEL

Hey everybody! I am queuing up posts for this week– while I have been working, stuff to swatch & review has piled up, and even when I have had time to take quick snapshots, I haven’t really had time to review properly. So I’m making an effort to get through some of that stuff before it takes over.


One thing I have to share today is these new paper masks sold by Sephora. At $6, they come in a variety of colors and scents, with bright, attractive packaging. When I went to pick up a refill of foundation, I splurged on two: Pomegranate, and Pearl.  Continue reading