Fantasy Bath: My Secret Weapon Against Winter

Fantasy Bath Bath Bombs

As most of you in the northern hemisphere might have noticed, it has been cold lately. Hell-has-frozen-over cold. After a long day in my studio (which, no matter where we live, somehow ends up being the coldest room in the house), I find myself needing a nice hot bath.

While I like Lush quite a bit and enjoy many of their products (their bubble bars in particular), I have found that one bath bomb from Lush is never sufficient to moisturize me. In fact, while certainly fun to use, some of the bath bombs seem to leave me no softer than before I got in  the tub. Also, I find their narrow range of scents a bit boring at times.

Imagine my happiness when I found out that one of my favorite bath bomb makers, Fantasy Bath, is still in business. Let me tell you about Fantasy Bath–

— The bath bombs come in so many scents (and also bulk powder bags). The scents are all quite lasting, and often my bathroom smells like the bath bomb I’ve most recently used for at least a day.

— They are 100x more emollient than Lush bombs (okay, so maybe 100 is hyperbole, but you do not need to cocktail these babies with any other oils– it’s so nice. I’d compare one Fantasy Bath bomb to one Lush bomb cocktailed with half a bath melt. 

— They are much softer than Lush bombs. In fact, if you give the baggie they’re in a good squeeze, they powderize immediately, which is why I appreciate the double-layer packaging.

— They are not bubble bars, but some of them might leave a thin layer of bubbles atop the water. (They are not advertised as bubble bars.)

Bliss, which turns your water a lovely blue.

Bliss, which turns your water a lovely blue.

And did I mention they have a bath bomb named after one of my jewelry lines?

Hey look, it's me!

Hey look, it’s me!

A few years ago when I was just getting started in my jewelry business, Denise contacted me and asked me if it would be okay to make a scent based on my steampunk pieces, and it is perrrrfect.

In this order, I picked up some new bath bombs as well as some of my old favorites: Desert Rose, Bliss, and Wake Up Sleepyhead are some of my favorites. Denise also graciously gifted me with some scents I’d never before tried, as well, like Cee Cee and Petals to the Metal.

This one will make you smell like a femme fatale, swear.

This one will make you smell like a femme fatale, swear.

She also sent this GORGEOUS bag made of vintage saris:

Fantasy Bath Bath Bombs

These bags are made in a small village in India, in a woman-owned, woman-run business aimed at giving its workers a shot at financial independence. Denise will be sending them out as part of an upcoming Mother’s Day promotion. How cool is that? I love my bag, and I keep my bellydance practice stuff in it for easy toting.

Here are some things you need to know about Fantasy Bath before you make an order:

— Their TAT is currently 2-5 days, but they are situated in the mountains of Georgia, where weather can be a factor. If you have any concerns about when a package will ship, contact Denise directly at

— They are about to re-launch their website. When they do, their product line will be changing up a little bit. Though almost all of their current scents will be staying, their formats will be changing.

— Most of their scents are currently available in scent spray, solid lotion, and candle form. Yippee!

So there you have it. Love, love, love Fantasy Bath. If you see something on the site you MUST have, do it now!


4 thoughts on “Fantasy Bath: My Secret Weapon Against Winter

  1. Oh, this makes me happy too! They have always been my favorite but I have been afraid to order because the website has been so outdated that I thought it was abandoned!

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