Quickie Reviews – Lush Valentine’s Day Bubble Bars

Two super-quick reviews for you today featuring two of Lush’s limited edition Valentine’s Day bubble bars. These were total impulse buys for me– I’m currently working my way through some other Lush bits and also a hoard of bath bombs from another company, but when I saw these cuties at my local Lush, I could not resist!

Lonely Heart Bubble Bar

Lonely Heart Bubble Bar

Lonely Heart Bubble Bar: This lemongrass, bergamot, jasmine and ylang ylang bubble bar smelled mostly of citrus-y jasmine to me, which is well and good because I do not like ylang yland. I broke it up for two baths, and it gave the water a beautiful pinky-red color with oodles of golden sparkles. It’s true love.

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar: HNNNNNG. LOOKIT. Oh man, how I wish this weren’t LE. It’s awesome. Lavender, ylang ylang and neroli scented, it smelled like a delicate floral mix that was more refreshing that heavy. I broke mine up into two uses, and it turned the water a pale lavender, though I imagine this will vary since each one looks a little bit different. There were also lots of super fine silver shimmers.

As far as the bubbles go, these were better than the ones I tried from the holiday release. Both gave nice bubbles, though certainly fewer than if I had used a liquid bubble bath.

Lush, hear my cries– make the Unicorn Horn permanent, please!



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