Review: Paintbox Soapworks Buttercup Facial Scrub


I recently placed an order at Paintbox Soapworks for more Clean Slate scrub– for my husband, who has also fallen in love with it. It is my go-to scrub Spring through Autumn, though I had stopped using it as Wintry cold descended and my normally-oily skin suddenly went dry as a packet of silica. But then I noticed that Hayley had released a new scrub, aimed at drier skins, Buttercup. Into my cart went a sample size.

For reference, the above photo shows the full size (Clean Slate) vs the sample size (Buttercup). I’d say there are about 15 uses in the sample size, depending on how much scrub you use. That’s pretty generous, huh?


Full Size vs Sample Size

The description for Buttercup describes it as “sweet blood orange, lavender & ylang ylang essential oils, with soothing organic cocoa butter, rice powder & gentle rose clay.” So let me tell you, when the blood orange combines with the cocoa butter, this scrub smells like chocolate oranges.


Specifically like Terry’s chocolate oranges. NOM.

It’s like smearing dessert all over your face. It is awesome.

Texture-wise, it is thicker and creamier than Clean Slate. My face feels really soft after I use it, and it helps very much with the dry patches I get on the sides of my nose. I am so so happy to have a great scrub to use when it’s cold and miserable outside. If you have dry skin that flakes in winter, you may want to look into this scrub, ’cause it’s pretty great.

The other big hit at my house this Holiday season was Roses In The Snow, a limited edition scent that will be disappearing soon-ish from the shop. 



Described as “deep red, velvety rose touched by frost, with fir needle & solemn incense,” it is a very true-to-life rose scent, not at all fake and perfumey. The fir and incense, to my nose, are very subtle– although I did smell them more in the solid scent balm I bought than in the perfume. Speaking of, how cute is this?



I’ve been using this more as a cuticle balm than a scent, because to be honest, I prefer perfumes with more ‘throw’ than solid perfumes usually offer. But it works very well as a cuticle balm, so I’m pretty happy about that!

Aaaanywho, I’ve gone and placed a full size order for Buttercup to get me through the winter. Can’t wait until it gets here!



2 thoughts on “Review: Paintbox Soapworks Buttercup Facial Scrub

  1. Thanks for reviewing this! My skin gets so dry in the winter, and when I noticed this scrub in the PBSW shop I wondered if it might be worth shot. Well, now it’s in my Etsy cart, so I guess that answers that!

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