Magical Snowflakes! A Stampicure with Digital Nails’ Nox

Digital Nails: Nox Stamping

I have a super fun mani to share today! It’s a thermal stampicure using Digital Nails’ Nox, which is a really complex and beautiful shade. On the surface, it’s a deep, shimmery blue when cold, and a lighter silver when warm. But it’s extra cool because the shimmers in it are also duochrome– they transition from blue to purple, which can impact the overall look of the polish depending on the light you’re in. While my nails looked blue and silver in diffused lighting, in direct sunlight, they were a purple-toned blue and a gorgeous lilac.

The other reason I love this polish? This is my bestest buddy in all the world, Nox:


You will never convince me that this isn’t the most handsome cat in all the land.

It’s also the second time I bought this polish. I bought it originally last winter. And then before I could even wear it, Nox was diagnosed with lymphoma. Just seeing it sitting in my review pile was too painful for me, so I ended up gifting it to a friend. But this winter, happily, Nox is in remission, so I decided to give it another go.

For this mani, I did three coats of Nox. I probably could have gotten away with two, since honestly the formula was quite thick. Then I painted on a layer of Seche Vite and let it dry. After that, I grabbed MoYou London’s festive plates and chose a snowflake stamp. I stamped those using Color Club’s Harp On It, a silver holo, and then topped up off with a final coat of Seche Vite.


Mid-transition (diffused light).

Duochrome shimmer!

Duochrome shimmer! (Indoor lighting.)

Digital Nails: Nox Stamping

Holo flakes! (Warm, sunlight.)

Holo flakes! (Cool)

Holo flakes! (Cool, sunlight.)

Transition (diffused lighting).

Transition (diffused lighting).

Nox Gif


I have more thermals to play with this week. Now to decide how I’m going to stamp them!




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