Peacock Look for Christmas

My original plan for my Christmas look was a fairly standard one: Fair Isle sweater, comfy jeans, very minimal makeup. But then I unwrapped the glorious boots that my husband got me, and that plan rapidly changed. Suddenly, it was, “Screw this. I’mma be a peacock. The SPARKLIEST PEACOCK IN ALL THE LAND.”

Peacock Look!

I mean, look at these boots! They’re iridescent Docs, and they shift from vibrant beetle-wing green to violet purple. In some lights, they look silver. In some, gold. And the leather interior is lilac. THEY ARE RESPLENDENT.



I had recently purchased a peacock-feather embroidered tunic from ModCloth, and I had a peacock feather headband. My mother gave me peacock-colored dangly earrings last year. All that was left was the makeup.

I used the BH Cosmetics 120 Colors palette that I’ve been testing for most of the colors, using an aqua in my inner corner, a medium teal on the lid, a deep purple in the crease, and a magenta to blend it upwards. Most of them were mattes, which I am finding are outperforming the shimmers in the palette.

Peacock Look!

Peacock Look!

Peacock Look!

I used the teal and some of the deep purple under my eye, and then finished lining my under eye area with Urban Decay’s 24/7 liner in Asphyxia.

For the upper liner, I used Stila’s liquid liner in Midnight, and then I added a little bit of sparkle using Urban Decay’s Distortion glitter liner.

As for the rest of my makeup, I kept it pretty neutral. I received my Life’s Entropy lippies on Christmas Eve, so here I am wearing Milky Way, which will be reviewed sometime next week.

Peacock Look!

And here’s the whole shebang: (And please excuse the Christmas Packaging Detritus behind me!)

Peacock Look!

Sometimes, I look at my bedazzled self in the mirror and go, “you know, 15 year old me would be so damn happy with how I turned out.”


2 thoughts on “Peacock Look for Christmas

  1. 15 year old you should be proud!! Those boots and eyelids are seriously amazing.

    I think 15 year old me would be proud, too. I cut off my waist-long hair this year and now I’m that girl with the pixie I always wanted to be.

    Thanks for the reflection reflection, ha. 🙂

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