Deconstructing Eden Yule ’14 Reviews!

Hey everybody! I’m taking a break from working my fingers to the nubs to bring you some reviews of Deconstructing Eden‘s Yule/Winter Collection. I have tried everything except Three Kings.


Ice King: Where the Snow Queen is soft, the Ice King is cold and brittle. Brittle white musk, dry cool air on a background of black pines and bare trees and snow. 

This one was very prominently white musk on me, and a little bit wooly. Very chilly. It wasn’t really my thing until about a half hour in, where in sweetened considerably on my skin, and I got subtle fruity notes. Something about the drydown reminded me of the lovechild of White Diamonds and Lolita Lempicka.

Snow Queen: A companion scent to my Ice King fragrance, this delicate and sweet tribute to the Snow Queen is powder soft snow, crisp cold air blowing through pine trees and a sweet dry down of vanilla.

On first spritz, it was a very grown up vanilla mint. The sweetness is very tightly controlled here– it is a very white scent, and the mintiness stays close to the skin. It is indeed quite soft, but also bright. I liked this one very much. I didn’t smell any pine until the drydown, and even so, it remained faint.

Winter ’14: Snow sparkling under a distant sun, cold winter air blowing through black pines and Douglas fir trees, snow crocuses sleeping under a blanket of snow on a base of very subtle base of cocoa, mint and vanilla. This unisex blend is the embodiment of a cold winter day.

Ah, a deeper, darker scent. Wet, I got pine, black musk, and something that almost took on a leathery tone to it. It’s actually a much warmer scent than I’d have thought by reading the description. On the drydown, the cocoa and mint come out, but they stay close to the skin. I’d call this one unisex. It was nice, and not too out-of-the-box that it wouldn’t make a good gift for someone who enjoys traditional colognes with a twist.

Yule ’14: Sweet and tart cranberries, bayberries, cold air and snow on a bed of deep wood, white chocolate and sweet vanilla.

This was allll cranberry & chill to me. Thankfully, I didn’t get any of the white chocolate, which often smells sour on me. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much wood, either. It stayed pretty tart– cranberry and bayberry– all the way through, with some subtle vanilla on the drydown. I wore this Christmas ornament shopping and it was perfect. I love cranberry scents, so this was my favorite of the bunch. I need to layer this over something with a strong balsam note, and I’ll be in heaven.

The Magi’s Gifts: Deep and resinous, The Magi’s Gifts pays tribute to the gifts brought to infant Jesus. Frankincense, myrrh and golden amber this blend uses primarily essential oils for it deep woody character.

Yep! Warm golden resin-y goodness. It all blends together on a woody base– it’s kind of like a hug or a a favorite sweater. Very unisex.


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