Post of Shame: e.l.f. Blush in Tickled Pink

ELF Tickled Pink

Oh man, it’s time for a Post of Shame. You know, I’ve always been super skeptical about e.l.f.– I mean, their prices are SUSPICIOUSLY low, but I’ve heard enough people saying that e.l.f. products are among their holy grails that I was persuaded to impulse-buy one of their $3 blushes.

The thing is, I was absolutely smitten with Illamasqua’s Once collection, and in it there is a gorgeous nude rose blush that looks so gorgeously Autumnal. But alas, Illamasqua no longer has any US stockists, and I’m not willing to drop the cash on a luxury product PLUS international shipping at this time. So I was looking for dupes, and I saw Tickled Pink was pretty close. 

In the pan, it’s a nice nudey rose with a bit of silver shimmer. The packaging, while cheap-feeling, is mildly NARS-esque.

ELF Tickled Pink

So why does this merit a Post of Shame? Because there is no color pay-off whatsoever. This is a HEAVY, HEAVY swatch (like really, I packed it on):

ELF Tickled Pink

I got some silvery shimmer. BARELY.

I mean, for $3, I really should have expected this. Welp, that was $3 wasted, and a lesson learned. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


5 thoughts on “Post of Shame: e.l.f. Blush in Tickled Pink

  1. Well now, that’s disappointing. I keep trying to convince myself to try E.L.F, especially that it’s now available at my local Target. And…I just can’t. I’m totally down for inexpensive makeup – there are some real gems out there – but there’s cheap and then there’s CHEAP, and I just can’t be bothered. 3$ isn’t a lot of money, but I’d rather spend that on a PSL than crap makeup.

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