Indigo Bananas: Endless Nights


I recently satisfied one of my older nail polish lemmings when I picked up a bottle of this gorgeous duochrome / holo, Endless Nights, from Indigo Bananas. On the site, it is described as “a brownish red to blue base that shifts purple to coral/orange-red.”

I have found that this is very hard to describe! It does shift and change a lot depending on your light source. At times, it appeared to be a gorgeous tan-red holo. At others, a blueish-lilac.  It was totally mesmerizing. Here are some swatches:



IMG_4995So lovely. The other thing is that this formula wore on me like teflon! I am used to changing my polish up quite a lot because the work I do is hard on my hands and nails. This wore an amazing 5 days on me with minimal, which is awesome considering how much abuse I put my hands through!

(Note: the subtle red staining around my cuticles was from another color. It took a while to fade.)

I absolutely love this brand. I don’t think I’ve tried a single polish from them that I didn’t totally love. Definitely eager to pick up a few more!



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