Two fun Halloween manis!

A quickie post! Here are two fun Halloween manis I did this month!

First up, a stampicure. I used MoYou London Gothic Plates and one of the plates by Vivid Lacquer. I started with bases– Zoya Keiko (the purple) and Sinful Colors Happy Ending (the green). I added two coats of Digital Nails’ The Wights of their Eyes, a blue shimmer tinted glow in the dark topcoat. After waiting to dry, I stamped with Cult Nails’ Nevermore (an opaque black creme). And voila! Perfect for Halloween.

Witchipoo Manicure

The second mani is the one I’m currently wearing. I used Ulta’s Here Comes The Sun as a base (the orange), tipped them in Zoya’s Keiko (purple), and then used a black nail striper to stripe between. After that, I topped everything with KBShimmer’s Kiss And Spell, which is super cute but also REALLY finicky. I had to do a lot of intentional placement in order to get it so the glitters weren’t all stuck together.

IMG_7267 IMG_7271


Did you do anything fun with your nails for Halloween?



Shiro Cosmetics Halloween Look!

Sometime earlier this month, I placed my first order at Shiro Cosmetics. Mostly, I wanted two lipglosses– the first is This Is Halloween, a rust-red limited edition. The other is Nic Cage Churning Butter One Crisp Thanksgiving Morn. Despite totally not being the type of color I wear very often, the label made me laugh like a drunken seal, and so I had to have it. I also picked up samples of Pumpkin King and Ragdoll, two limited edition shadows. I received Queensguard and Chimera as free samples.

Ragdoll, Pumpkin King

Ragdoll, Pumpkin King

Ragdoll: Faded yellow-toned orange with blue and purple sparkle.

This is sort of a gourd-like brown-orange with blue and pink sparkles.

Pumpkin King: Blackened smokey bronze loaded with bright golden sparks.

That’s pretty accurate! The bronze base gives it almost a blackened olive look.

In the swatches below, the first is over Shadow Insurance by Too Faced. The second is over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. Really the only difference was that the shimmer was more pronounced over Pixie Epoxy, but it was plenty shimmery over a matte primer.

Ragdoll, Pumpkin King

Ragdoll, Pumpkin King

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Life’s Entropy Post #3: Mixes Using Placebo

Part 3 of my series on my introduction to the Life’s Entropy Lip Theory Line! While the last post featured my experiments using JUST the Lip Theories together, this one introduces another element: the Placebo gloss base.

Life's Entropy Placebo

The idea is that you can use the Lip Theories and/or lip-safe eyeshadows mixed into this base to create your own glosses. I knew going in that I am not really a gloss person, really. BUT if given the choice between carrying around a lip brush to reapply and trying to make a REALLY OPAQUE GLOSS that I can carry around for easy touch-ups, I’m going to choose the gloss.  With that in mind, I picked up a tube of Placebo and three empty gloss tube sets:

Life's Entropy Atom Tubes!

Most of the lip-safe eyeshadows I had were from Femme Fatale (and handily marked as such on the sample baggies!), so with the exception of using Aromaleigh’s Folie à Deux, most of the shadows I mixed in were from Femme Fatale. You can go back and check my Femme Fatale tag if you’re interested in what the eyeshadows look like on their own.

For these swatches, I just mixed little bits on aluminum foil sheet to sample what they’d look like. I used a tiny bit of shadow per sample. If you want a full-size, opaque gloss, you’ll need about 1/8- 1/4 tsp of shadow (depending on the shadow), which is why my tester of Flare and my large tube of Flare look different– I didn’t have enough Flare for full opacity in a big tube. As that was one that looked AMAZING when mixed to full opacity, I plan on making a fully opaque Flare in the future. Which means I’ll just have to place another Femme Fatale order soon. WOE IS ME! /sarcasm

A word about the gloss base: it was really nice if you like glosses that aren’t super sticky. Honestly, once I’d mixed in the pigments and Lip Theories, the texture sort of resembled a really creamy, slippery lipstick. In fact, most of the opaque shades felt very much like NYX’s Round Case Lipstick. Obviously, the less color mixed in, the more like a gloss it felt. I also noticed a very subtle vanilla scent.

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Life’s Entropy Lip Theory Post #2: The Mixes!

And now, a post for the mixes I did just using the Life’s Entropy Lip Theories. Tomorrow, I’ll have a post where I mixed lip-safe shadows & Lip Therories into their Placebo gloss base. I had ENTIRELY TOO MUCH FUN with it. Honestly, now that I have a better sense of what I want, my next orders will help me better plan what I’ll need to get the colors I want to end up with. But I made a bunch of neat swatches in the meantime!


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Life’s Entropy: Lip Theory Swatches

Top: Synapse, Transformation, Coralation, Vaccine, Big Bang Theory Bottom: Fusion, Derivative, Crystal Violet, Osmosis, Matrix, Nucleus

Top: Synapse, Transformation, Coralation, Vaccine, Big Bang Theory
Bottom: Fusion, Derivative, Crystal Violet, Osmosis, Matrix, Nucleus

Post one of probably three, this one will show you straight-up swatches of the 13 Life’s Entropy Lip Theory colors (of the 16-color collection) that I have purchased samples of. These are similar to OCC Lip Tar– and meant to be mixed and customized if desired– but muuuuuch less expensive, even at full size. To tell you the truth, I have long wanted to try out Lip Tar, but two things have stopped me: 1) the price– they are NOT inexpensive, and 2) the fact that they’re not terribly easy to touch up. I mean, who wants to carry a lip brush around in their purse? The Lip Theory line addresses at least one of those things. That said: whereas Lip Tar comes in a variety of finishes, only one of the Lip Theory colors has any metallic to them (Alloy, a white shade that I did not purchase), so the finish you’ll end up with is probably going to be an opaque creme.

Before I get to the swatches, I’ll tell you my overall thoughts– I really like them! You barely need any product at all to get opacity for most of the shades. They applied easily with a lip brush. I wear tested a few, and Big Bang Theory, Vaccine, and Fusion EASILY lasted through 5+ hours and a meal before fading. They do feather a little after 4 hours– a lipliner should fix that. I really ought to get a clear lipliner anyhow. They don’t feel drying, and the scent is very faintly cakey vanilla, but I only smelled it in a few of them (most strongly, strangely, in Nucleus).

Some notes on individual colors: Coralation changes color as you apply it. It starts out pastel-ish coral. Once applied, it is a much brighter coral. Crystal Violet and Synapse were the only two shades I had application issues with. Crystal Violet needs careful blending, and it’s fine on its own, albeit a bit less opaque than many of the other shades. Synapse never quite goes on even, but why you’d want a banana yellow on its own and not as a mixing color is beyond me.

As for customer service: I originally placed an order for 8 colors– it shipped in 3 weeks (inside the stated TAT). My second order (3 additional colors plus some Placebo) shipped within two days. I think how fast your order ships depends on what’s in stock and the queue, but neither order ran over TAT, and my email to Jane with a question was answered quickly.

Vegetarians and Vegans rejoice, all of the Lip Theories are Vegan, food-grade, and organic.

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My latest NYX purchases!

After having lots of fun with the bargain brand, Nyx, I decided to try some more shades in their lineup. While I will NEVER be someone who gravitates towards, say, bubblegum pinks or candied shades, they do have an incredibly wide range of colors and finishes, so I decided to try some that were not in my comfort zone of all-magenta-all-the time.

NYX Haul

I will review the blush separately once I get the chance to do a wear test, but the lip shades I chose were:

–Black Label lipstick in Midnight Dinner

–Round Case lipstick in Femme

–Round Case lipstick in Miracle

–Round Case Lipstick in Hope

–Round Case Lipstick in Snow White

— Matte Lipstick in Pure Red

–Lipliner Pencil in Nectar

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