New Autumn & Halloween Scents from Deconstructing Eden!

Hey guys! Long time no post. Work has been BURYING ME. Technically, I am supposed to be on vacation for a week starting tomorrow. But while my family is chillaxing on the beach in North Carolina, I will be in the top deck of our beach house rental, working away. Looking at the ocean, working on Halloween. Talk about mental disconnect!

ANYWAY. I have been amassing things to share with you guys next week. I got a bunch of Aromaleigh shadows, the start of my Ipsy subscription, a few goodies from Sephora, and some new Autumn goodies from Cocoa Pink, among other things. I’ve already taken most of the swatches. Now, just to find the time to edit the photos and write the entries.

But in the meanwhile, I have some reviews from the Autumn / Halloween collection by Deconstructing Eden. Returning to this year’s collection is Jack ‘O Lantern, but as far as I can tell, it’s the same version as released last year. I reviewed it previously, but considering I’ve been wearing it a lot lately, I figured I’d drop you a link!


New for this year:

Trick or Treat – Dark chocolates, jack o’ lanterns, honeyed cider, bonfire smoke and a touch of black pepper.

Sweet and spicy, this one opens with a basket full of apples and cider spices undercut by what smells to me like patchouli. As it dries, you get some of the smokiness also blended with dark chocolate– but this is definitely not a scent in which the candy is at the fore, nor is it overly sweet. It’s more like an artisan chocolate bar downed with dark apple cider. Very nice, I like this one a lot!


Autumn ’14 – Dragon’s blood, falling leaves, butternut pumpkins, red saffron threads, cedar, candied ginger and fall spices.

MMMMMMMM. This one is for those who, like me, love resinous incense. The sweet ginger and dragon’s blood combine to make a wonderful scent of Autumn evenings. This scent weaves together the spices and the dry woods like threads of a thick, comfortable sweater– the leaves are present beneath it all with spice. It’s just unbelievably cozy. If your nose needs a respite from PUMPKIN SPICE OVERLOAD!!! this fall, give this one a try– it’s spicy without being foodie or sweet.


The Raven – Leather bound books, the dying embers of a fire, cold winter air and dark wings.

HOO BOY. Wow, yeah. This is super masculine and so, so strong. The first scent on the skin is that of heavy wet leather. It morphs to what I can only describe as a bonfire built with rotten wood. Like– just decrepit and dark wood. With peppercorn, maybe? I swear I am smelling something slightly peppery as well. It’s very atmospheric, to be sure, but it’s not for me.


And a freebie, which was tossed in my order:

Queen Zenobia labdanum, frankincense, myrrh, cedar and saffron, neroli, incense, egyptian jasmine, yellow mandarin, cinnamon, clove, coriander.

Yes, a dark, smoky, incense blend. I do smell some bright orange neroli under there, as well as saffron. And also… pencil shavings? I am not sure WHICH note creates the pencil shavings scent on my skin, but I’ve tried incense-type blends from several brands now, so I know it must be a particular component. I’m just not sure WHICH. Maybe the cedar? Even more strangely, after a good long while… grape, mixed with frankincense. How interesting!


‘Til next time, loves! I have lots and lots to share as soon as I have a moment to myself!


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