Review: Cruelty Free Haircare by Body & Soul


Last month, I was contacted by the representative of a new haircare line, Body & Soul, and asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of the products in their line for my blog. As the line is both local to me and committed to cruelty-free products, I readily agreed. They furnished the above products at no cost to me, and in return, I agreed to give an honest review.



I have used the products for about a month now, which I think is a pretty fair shake when it comes to hair products. Here are my findings!



Body & Soul Daily Lather Shampoo & Rebuilding Conditioner – Okay, so the most important thing here is that these products are sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate free, which is often referred to as “SLS-free.” SLS is the agent in shampoos that gives it big, foamy lather. Unfortunately, it can also be very drying to hair, and it strips color if you dye your hair. It can also irritate sensitive skin. SLS-free products are now starting to catch on in the mainstream, much to the lovers of people with dry hair/skin and hair dye aficionados alike.

So yay! But, the thing to know if you have never used SLS-free haircare is that the products will not lather in the way you are used to. The first time I used an SLS-free shampoo, I was worried it wouldn’t work. Don’t worry about that! It may not give you lots of froth, but if you massage it in like you would any other shampoo, it will get the job done! And this one does.

After using these products for a month, I am really happy with the condition of my hair. It is soft, shiny, and manageable.  Because SLS is not stripping my scalp of oil, forcing it to overproduce to compensate, I am not washing my hair daily, and it only gets oily every 45-72 hours. Because I use vegetable dyes in my hair, which are designed to wash out gradually, I’m not sure I’m in the best position to tell you how it treats color, other than it is on-par with what I have seen from other SLS-free shampoos. I bled color every wash, but I absolutely expected to, and it has nothing to do with this product. I did maintain color vibrancy much longer than I would have with a shampoo that contained SLS.

As for the other pros: the conditioner is a thick-ish cream consistency, but I did not find that it weighed my hair down when washed out. Also, look at how cute the packaging is! It just feels so clean and lovely. (The green botanical print also matches my shower curtains, much to my Virgoan delight.)

The major con, for me, may not be a con for you. The packaging says that these products are “lightly scented with botanical extracts.” The lightly scented part is not true– this stuff is actually QUITE scented. And it was not a scent I particularly liked. It is very floral.

A quick look at the ingredient list, and I immediately knew why. HELLO, GERANIUM, MY NEMESIS. Now, you may not have an issue with geranium. As for geranium and I, we are mortal enemies. It says quite a lot about the product that I tolerated geranium for a month and yet can still recommend this product to you.  However, I would much much prefer an alternative scent option– maybe a nice rosemary mint? Or an inoffensive citrus blend?


Start to Finish Spray: from what I gather, this intends to be a pre-styling light-hold hairspray. Of the products I tried, this was, for my super fine hair, the least effective. I suppose a Maryland swamp-like summer was an excellent testing ground, because in the horrific humidity, I did not find that my hair was any less prone to fly-aways than the days in which I did not use it. It did not particularly help with flyaways after my hair was dry , either. On the plus, the scent is mild and inoffensive, vaguely citrus-y.

Argan Oil Serum – NOW we’re talking. My ends still need a fair bit of TLC. Though I have long ceased abusing them with products that contain ammonia or bleach, they still tend towards dryness. I used a tiny bit of this, rubbed my palms together, and spread them 2/3 down the length of my hair. If I air-dried, it helped keep the ends soft and minimized frizzies. If I blow dried, I had amazingly shiny, straight locks. The scent is barely there, although the scented oils listed are the same as Start to Finish spray.


Wearable Treatment – And now we come to my absolute favorite of the products I received. This is a creamy leave-in conditioner.  Targeted at us fine-haired ladies, this one made my hair as luscious as Lady Godiva. If I wanted amazing waves, here’s what I’d do: first, I’d apply a quarter-sized dollop to my palms. Like with the serum, I’d spread it down the lower 2/3 of my hair and let mostly air-dry. Then, I’d put it in a bun and sleep on it. The next morning, I had hair that poets really ought to write sonnets about. It was straight-up  romance novel cover, Pre-Raphaelite dream hair. I love this product– all except for the scent. Once again, this is geranium-scented. Oh please, Body & Soul folks, if you were to offer this either unscented or in another scent, I would sing its praises to the heavens.


So there you have it– overall, I can say yes, these products work. They gave me soft, happy hair. My ultra-fine hair feels silky and luxurious.  The main negative for me is the scent, but that varies from person to person. Not everybody shares my abject distaste for geranium, so you may feel differently.

You can purchase these products at, or, if you’re a Marylander, at several of their local stockists.



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