My September 2014 Ipsy bag!

After many months of trying to get off the waitlist at Ipsy (and cancelling twice, because if my card isn’t charged within 45 days, eff that), I *FINALLY* am signed up for the service. HOORAY.  Here’s what I got in my “Street Style” September 2014 bag:

IPSY September 2014

The bag itself is a metallic gunmetal shade with square studs. Continue reading


Aromaleigh: Dryades Collection & EOTDs

Hey all! I have a new-ish collection from Aromaleigh to share with you guys! I bought a sample set of all 10 colors, which are permanent, and swatched them. I also used a few in some EOTDs (but have not yet used the entire collection in looks). I really, really love these shades! What a lovely collection for fall– they have the plush feel of mattes, but with gorgeous soft shimmer through them. SO beautiful.

Byblis, Daphnis, Dryope

Byblis, Daphnis, Dryope

Byblis, Daphnis, Dryope

Byblis, Daphnis, Dryope

Byblis: Her color is an exquisite warm green with a very strong red/copper duochrome.

Oh maaaaaan. So pretty. This is a sort of army green shade with very rich copper shimmer. It’s so Autumnal and lovely.

Daphnis: A rich chestnut brown with a vibrant color traveling duochrome that shifts from blue to teal to green.

This is sort of in the vein of MAC’s Blue Brown pigment, but not as dark. More wearable for ladies like me who can’t really get away with dark shades around the eyes.

Dryope: This color is a real chameleon- it shifts from chestnut to brownish green, while the duochrome overlay shifts from red to aqua!

For the most part, this is a spring green with a brownish-red shimmer highlight. It’s quite unusual– while I didn’t get much blue shimmer in my swatch, I did notice it when I wore it on my lids. Continue reading

New Autumn & Halloween Scents from Deconstructing Eden!

Hey guys! Long time no post. Work has been BURYING ME. Technically, I am supposed to be on vacation for a week starting tomorrow. But while my family is chillaxing on the beach in North Carolina, I will be in the top deck of our beach house rental, working away. Looking at the ocean, working on Halloween. Talk about mental disconnect!

ANYWAY. I have been amassing things to share with you guys next week. I got a bunch of Aromaleigh shadows, the start of my Ipsy subscription, a few goodies from Sephora, and some new Autumn goodies from Cocoa Pink, among other things. I’ve already taken most of the swatches. Now, just to find the time to edit the photos and write the entries.

But in the meanwhile, I have some reviews from the Autumn / Halloween collection by Deconstructing Eden. Returning to this year’s collection is Jack ‘O Lantern, but as far as I can tell, it’s the same version as released last year. I reviewed it previously, but considering I’ve been wearing it a lot lately, I figured I’d drop you a link!


New for this year:

Trick or Treat – Dark chocolates, jack o’ lanterns, honeyed cider, bonfire smoke and a touch of black pepper.

Sweet and spicy, this one opens with a basket full of apples and cider spices undercut by what smells to me like patchouli. As it dries, you get some of the smokiness also blended with dark chocolate– but this is definitely not a scent in which the candy is at the fore, nor is it overly sweet. It’s more like an artisan chocolate bar downed with dark apple cider. Very nice, I like this one a lot! Continue reading

Review: Cruelty Free Haircare by Body & Soul


Last month, I was contacted by the representative of a new haircare line, Body & Soul, and asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of the products in their line for my blog. As the line is both local to me and committed to cruelty-free products, I readily agreed. They furnished the above products at no cost to me, and in return, I agreed to give an honest review.

Continue reading