Nothing Makes a Virgo happier than matching!

As you may have seen if you follow me on Twitter, this Saturday past, I attended a wedding. It was a gorgeous affair. I got to see so many amazing saris, and I ate delicious Indian food.

I decided to put a nice matchy-matchy outfit together, and here’s what I came up with:


This dress is from ModCloth. So cute, right? (Sorry about the mirror, need to clean it.) The only criticism I have is that it suffers the ModCloth curse– the waist always falls about an inch too high on me. I know that I am a busty lady, and my assets tend to take up more space, but I think this is pretty universal when it comes to ModCloth dresses. ModCloth, I will pay you extra $$$ so my belt isn’t always just below my boobs!  But it has pockets, so it stays.

For the nails, I did a skittle of bright, matching colors. I used: Nicole by OPI’s Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary (the orange), Butter London’s Macbeth (the coral-red), and Revlon Parfumerie’s African Tea Rose (the pink). I then stamped over them in a white floral pattern using a MoYou London nail art plate. I didn’t quiiite get to finish cleanup, as I was running late. My topcoat was still wet as I rushed out the door!



For the makeup, I went classic. Subtle with a cat eye (I used the BareMinerals The September Issue Palette), and a bright lip. This is Revlon’s Balm Stain in Smitten, a reddened fuchsia berry.



I made my own jewelry.

What do you think? Super cute, huh?




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