Deconstructing Eden- Love: Light & Dark


Hey everybody! I am back with some reviews from Deconstructing Eden‘s latest collection, Love: Light & Dark. I ordered 5 samples from the collection, plus a pair of Goddesses, Bast and Lakshmi, which are not part of the collection. I received Adore as a free sample.


Adore: A rich and sensual composition of violets, citrus, jasmine, ylang ylang, lily of the valley, magnolia, tuberose, lotus, iris, bourbon vanilla, white musk and rose.

This was the free sample I received. I don’t really have much to say on it beyond “it’s a cheerful, inoffensive floral” because it is the polar opposite of the things that I enjoy in a perfume.  The ylang ylang and tuberose are dominant.

Beloved: A soft, sweet romantic fragrance that is a subtle and delicate blend.
Pink lady apples, pink lilies, cucumber, gardenia, soft white woods, nectarine blossoms, linden blossoms and honey.

In the initial wet stage, this reminded me strikingly of BPAL’s Titania scent, with which it shares no actual notes, but a similar summer fruits and light florals theme. Fortunately for me, this does not turn into hairspray on my skin, as recent batches of Titania have done.  But, considering this reminds me of Titania-of-yore, it’s no surprise that I thought the initial wet stage was heavy on sweet pea, though it is not listed as a note. The wet stage also smells of sweet honeyed apples, but not overly cloying. As it dries, you get a nice bed of woody white with cucumber beneath the apples. This is a lovely daytime fruity-floral, juicy and fresh.

Dominate: Skin laid bare, the kiss of leather whips, blood red dragon’s blood, sharp juniper berries, petitgrain, opulent tobacco leaves, Peruvian clove leaf, a touch of Tahitian vanilla and Peru balsam.

Wow. This is a heavy, commanding scent, just as you would expect from the name. It certainly is an attention-grabber.  Right off the bat, you get heavy black leather, tobacco, and musk.  As it dries, you get a bit more of the juniper poking out, the bitter spice of clove. This is a unisex scent, incredibly and obviously sexy. It feels like my favorite slinky black leather corset. Wear this, and you’re sure to get noticed. Rawr.

Éros: Deep, dark amber, gardenia, lily of the valley, velvet red roses, cinnamon and Egyptian jasmine to evoke that earth shattering moment of instant attraction.

A spicy little oriental floral number. It begins with cinnamon-dusted rose petals on a bed of deep, sumptuous amber.  Thankfully no gardenia pokes through, although as it dries you do get a little bit of the same golden Jasmine used in Jasmine House. This would make for a lovely scent day or night. It’s got sex appeal, but it’s not too overwhelming for the office, either.

Jealousy: Green figs, linden blossom, lime, basil, herbal accord, green mandarin.

Ooh, this one is so refreshing! As someone with synasthesia, I love wearing “green” scents in the summer. We start with a cocktail of lip-puckering mandarin and lime tempered by herby basil, and rounded out by fig.  More of the herbs come out on drydown as the citrus topnotes burn off, and some of the linden lingers close to the skin. Overall, a great choice for warm weather.

Possession: An ode to another dark and unhealthy version of love, Possession is thick amber, the sting of black pepper, dark musks, dragon’s blood, dark woods, patchouli, orange blossom and narcotic honey.

Raise your hand if you have Sarah McLachlan stuck in your head right now.  All in all, this scent was much more subtle than I expected. I thought it would smell something like Dominate, but on my skin, it was much softer. The amber and honey are the strongest in this scent, with a bit of wood in the background. I get none of the pepper, the patchouli, or the dragon’s blood, which I generally amp. On the drydown, it remains, on me, honeyed amber. Which is perfectly lovely– but if you’re expecting something dark and heavy, I did not find that to be the case.


Bast: Jasmine essential oil, Rose absolute, rich ambers, a drop of spice, frankincense and myrrh and Egyptian Sandalwood combine to create a beautiful and warm blend with just the barest trace of feral wildness.

I have to say– this is my absolute favorite of the Deconstructing Eden perfumes thus far. It’s just– so gorgeous. It opens with a bouquet of sandalwood rose, subtly spiced on a bed of amber. The amber here is so creamy and luxurious, like silk.  It stays basically the same through the drydown, with maybe a touch of myrrh blending in with the spice. This scent is feminine, sensual, and feels like a satin robe on soft skin. It’s just wonderful.

Lakshmi: Deep, velvety red roses, two different types of amber, a touch of Sambac jasmine, and creamy mysore sandalwood.

Right off the bat, this is red roses, make not doubt about it. It’s not at all an artificial smelling rose, but what you’d smell if you shoved your nose into a vase of fresh-cut stems. There’s a little bit of the sharpness of jasmine in the background, but it stays fairly subdued. As it dries, the unmistakable scent of mysore sandalwood comes out, providing a soft bed of wood for the fragrant rose petals. If you’re a rose lover, this is a definite one to try.


In this batch, I basically batted 100%. The only scent I did not care for was a freebie! Score!


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