My Introduction to Nyx

I’ve been pinching my pennies of late, but still craving new products to try. I had never before tried any products by Nyx, which is a budget, drugstore brand with quite a range of colors. Their new Butter Lipsticks and Butter Glosses have been much loved in the make-up blogosphere.  So when I recently found myself in Ulta, which was having a buy-one, get one 50% off sale on Nyx, I went, “sure, why not?”

NyxI ended up choosing four lippies from four different formulas. I picked (L-R):

— Butter Lipstick in Little Susie, a pinkish coral.

— Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen, a deep purpled berry. Very vampy.

— Lipstick (often called Round Lipstick) in Doll, a pinkish mauve.

— Aqua Luxe Lip Gloss in Glitter Dreams, a fun pink sparkle.

Little Susie, Doll, Copenhagen, Glitter Dreams

Little Susie, Doll, Copenhagen, Glitter Dreams

Little Susie, Doll, Copenhagen, Glitter Dreams (in sunlight)

Little Susie, Doll, Copenhagen, Glitter Dreams (in sunlight)



Onto the swatches! First up, Little Susie:

NYX Little Susie


IMG_2982This one appears brighter in real life. As for the Butter Lipstick formula- it’s incredibly comfortable to wear. It’s got a lot of slip, but it’s very creamy! Unfortunately, that does not bode well for longevity. This one is gone with the wind inside of an hour. So I’d basically compare this to the Revlon Colorburst balms in terms of lasting. It does, however, look like a lipstick in wear, and not a balm. I liked this product a lot, but would not wear it if I wasn’t planning on frequent touch ups.

Next: Doll.



IMG_3010Slightly darker than a MLBB, very universally wearable. I got about an hour and a half’s worth of wear with this one, because it felt very much like the Butter Lipstick when applied. That said, I understand the Round Case lipsticks come in a variety of finishes– the metallics might have longer wear times. Still, like above, I found it very comfortable to wear and wear it when I have the opportunity to do touch-ups.

Glitter Dreams:




You don’t need full-face shots of this. It’s sparkly gloss. Thick-ish, tacky, and pretty. ‘Nuff said.





I am Vampira, Princess of THE NIGHT.

I’ve said before how I’m not really a matte person. It looks great in pictures, but is rarely my thing in real life. And that holds true here. But I will say that I did not at all feel dried out when wearing this, it had less transference than I expected from a $5.99 product, and the color is gorgeous! I have deep berry gloss that I’ll throw on top of this in the fall. I’m actually quite pleased with this, and enjoyed its buttercream scent. As for wear time: I got about 3 hours. It was fine until I had a beer, at which case it was like “LOL NO BYE.”

And now I give you pictures of my cat, Nox, who is my swatching buddy. Because I can.



I am a regal mothafuckkah.


And a swirly picture of my hair in a bun. Because a friend requested it, and it’s darn hard to get an aerial shot of the back of your head, so I’mma post it here, too.

Aerial swirl!




5 thoughts on “My Introduction to Nyx

    • Thanks! In general, I don’t really buy lipsticks that I haven’t obsessively swatch-stalked, so I was pretty sure they’d work before I bought them.I really should branch out, though. I have a lot of berries!

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