Scent Impressions with Dreaming Tree Soapworks

Dreaming Tree Soapworks - Soap

Last month, I received my second order from Dreaming Tree Soapworks, an artisan bath, body, and home company that sells hot process soaps, scrubs, lotions, and candles– basically anything you’d need for a night of self-pampering. It contained five soaps and two candles, so I thought I’d do a little bit of a scent review for you.

Fangorn Forest – The smell of deep old woods mingled something warm and mysterious surrounding you in a hemp and shea butter enriched soap.

This is a very comforting green scent. If I were to guess what was in it, I’d say some sort of warm resin, like amber or copal, plus a bed of evergreens and maybe a touch of bayberry. It lacks the dirtiness of patchouli, for those of you out there who are patchouli haters. It’s also not Christmas-y at all. Just a very clean, soothing, grounding smell. 

Fairy Glen – An enchanting infusion of fresh herbs, oakmoss, and amber. A rich fragrance with a magical universal appeal.  

I think this one’s ‘universal appeal’ is owed to the fact that the scent is so light and unobtrusive. It’s a little bit herby, but overall, it sort of smells like Irish Spring-lite. I tend to associate oakmoss & amber with deeper scents than this one, which smells like fancy guest soap. It is nice in the summer, though, when stronger scents can be really overpowering.

Voluptas –  This is a blend of two of the most amazing vanillas. Made with creamy coconut milk, and loads of organic cocoa butter making Voluptas a sensuous shower treat.

Mmmm, this one is a gorgeous deep, resin-infused vanilla. It’s sexy, but also very unisex. I don’t know how to describe it other than to say it smells utterly decadent and wonderful, not the least bit dessert-like.

Dreaming Tree Soapworks - Soap

Hobbiton Banana Bread – Warm rich banana bread heavy on the banana with just a touch of spice. YUM! 

This one, I got for my husband, who both loves Tolkien and eats like a hobbit despite being tall and thin like an elf. The man’s metabolism astounds me, honestly. I’m happy this wasn’t super heavy on the banana– it’s there to round the scent out, but mostly you get oaty, slightly-nutty baked goods and a little bit of dry spice. Nothing sickly sweet at all.

Dreaming Tree Soapworks - Soap

Emberwood –  Imagine walking through the woods the end of October early November with the cool winds kicking up the scent of the evergreens and the scent of a far off campfire. 

Ohhhhhhh yeah. For someone who wishes it were perpetually Autumn, this is entirely my kind of  scent. It’s delicious dry woods, a little smoke, and cool air. I don’t know how she managed to infuse this soap with the scent of cool air, but there you have it. If you’re someone who likes woodsy scents or non-foodie fall scents, this one is a must-try.

 Overall— I find the formulas of these soaps to be very skin-friendly. I never feel dried out afterwards, and they feel so luxuriously creamy as they lather. Scent strength varies from soap to soap. Faerie Glen was light. The rest were medium to strong, with Voluptas being the strongest. Price tag is $7, but these are nice-sized bars, and they don’t melt very quickly at all.


Dreaming Tree Soapworks - Candles

The Wayfarer: Precious woods and resins collected along the way, a splash of mandarin sunshine, the warmth and richness of a soul well traveled.

Wow, this is brighter than I would have thought– I bet it’s the mandarin. But for some reason, to my nose, it smells like lemon sugar infused with resin and sandalwood. It’s a hodgepodge of ingredients that somehow totally work when they’re all blended together. It manages to be light and rich, sweet and a little musky at the same time. Magic.

Kashmir: Velvety smooth woodsmoke, patchouli, musk and vanilla. Rich and deeply calming for your modern meditations.

Mmmm, yummy. This is a slightly smoky deep vanilla with a little bit of musk in there. For the patchouli-avoidant, I don’t actually smell it in there. It comes across as more of a resin than as patchouli when mixed with vanilla. Rich, sexy, and delicious.


So there you have it! I have been quite busy this week, as I have been working to get out orders in my jewelry shop before I have to pack up my home studio next weekend. I did just get an order in from Femme Fatale Cosmetics, so I have 14 new shadows to swatch for you, as well as two nail polishes. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to do that this coming Tuesday. Have a great weekend!


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