My Favorite New Blush: Clinique Cheek Pop in Berry Pop

Clinique Berry Pop Blush

For a long time, I was not really a blush person. Sure, I’d put on a bit of unobtrusive cream blush to look not-dead, but as a round-faced person, I was afraid that a colorful blush would make me look like a Russian nesting doll. Eventually, I picked up a few pigmented blushes and learned how to apply them so that that didn’t happen, but one thing they all had in common is shimmer.

Then the Clinique Cheek Pop blushes came on the scene, to much fanfare and rave reviews. At $21, they’re not exactly inexpensive, but I would say that they’re well priced for what they are. And also, they’re super cute. Look at that daisy. Adorable.

Usually, Clinique is not a brand I pay attention to. I know friends who are pretty loyal because the brand is hypoallergenic. But for me, it always felt kind of… basic. So I think it’s cool that they’re coming out with products that skew young and fresh.

Clinique Berry Pop Blush

Clinique Berry Pop Blush

The color I eventually settled on from their initial four color release was Berry Pop, a saturated berry pink. The formula has the emollient quality of a gel, while still remaining a powder product. It applies easily with a blush brush and blends like a dream.

Clinique Berry Pop Blush

This is a heavy swatch, just for the camera. When I wear it, it’s obviously not this bright. It actually looks quite natural, brightening my face without looking clownish. It looks especially awesome paired with a bright lip. (In fact, if you look at my profile image, I’m wearing it there.)

So now, I think I need Peach Pop. Maybe Plum Pop as well. And god help me if they come out with more shades.


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