Femme Fatale Cosmetics – Mushroom Cloud

Today, I have for you the thermal that Femme Fatale Cosmetics sent in my latest order. It’s called Mushroom Cloud, and it’s a fun one!

Femme  Fatale Cosmetics - Mushroom Cloud

Teeeeeeny weeny little bottle. How cute.

Anyhow, this is a royal purple to pink thermal, with pretty blue shimmer that almost gives it a duochrome effect. Whether warm or cold, the shimmer is always very pronounced.  Continue reading


Femme Fatale Cosmetics’ Gorgeous Thermal – Gossamer Dust

I absolutely adore thermal nail polishes. I wish they had a longer shelf life, but honestly, whenever I wear thermals, I can’t help but stare at my nails. They’re just unbelievably magical.

Gossamer Dust

Gossamer Dust

Today’s thermal is Gossamer Dust, a crème/jelly shade that is neon yellow when warm, and nectarine orange when cool. It also has an awesome ethereal green shimmer. It’s so perfect for summer. Continue reading

Femme Fatale Cosmetics – Swatches & Review!

Last month, I placed my second order at Femme Fatale Cosmetics. I really wanted a smattering of the new Post-Apocalyptic collection (Adventure Time themed!) and also some shades that push my own color envelope. In addition, I purchased three full sizes of some of my favorite colors from my last order: Alpine Skies, Flowers Before Flames, and Witchwood.

As with my last review, I was definitely not disappointed! The shadows are as buttery and wonderful as in my first order. I also picked up a thermal polish, Gossamer Dust, and was gifted with a mini of another, Mushroom Cloud.

Without further ado:

Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Continue reading

Deconstructing Eden: Kushiel’s Legacy Perfume Reviews, Part III


For the third installment of my perfume reviews of Deconstructing Eden‘s Kushiel’s Legacy scents, I bring you four of the houses of the Court of Night-Blooming Flowers. As you might have surmised, these are all quite floral, which tends not to be my thing so much, but I am trying to branch out.

Cereus House: Pale, fair skin; cereus blossoms, moonflower and scattering of white rose petals for Naamah.

Of the scents I’ve reviewed previously, this reminds me most strongly of Phèdre. It is faint, floral, and creamy. Two sprays yield very little sillage. I would guess that what I’m smelling is moonflower– there is an incredible softness here, a demureness. It’s completely the opposite of everything that I personally look for in a perfume, but if you like white flowers or soft florals in general, this is probably right up your alley.

Eglantine House: Honeyed roses, a touch of mahogany, plums, an elegant amber accord, Champaca flowers, and of course, Eglantine roses, on a lovely white musk.

Upon initial application, there is a strong burst of mahogany wood, deep and rich and dark, underscored by the spiky insistence of the white musk. As it begins to dry, roses and greenery peek out, which also disappear as the perfume enters the drydown phase, which, on my skin is all soft white musk and honey.

Orchis House: Rare and precious orchids, a drop of vanilla orchid, living peach and pear, a soft touch of Naamah’s roses, topped with a sparkling citrus cocktail of pink grapefruit and sweet orange.

The intial application of this scent is a complete delight. There’s a burst of fizzy champagne mixed with grapefruit, utterly delicious, with undertones of juicy peaches and pears. Those fruity notes dull over time, as topnotes are wont to do, and eventually settle into a much less riotous white orchid and rose with subtle pear overtones. At the extreme end of wear, it almost gets a muzzy, ‘wool’-like note, like the one used in Joscelin.

Jasmine House: Bright and brassy on first application, Jasmine House smolders down to a warm and subtle sensuality. Three types of jasmine, on a bed of creamy sandalwood, Krishna amber, a scattering of deep, dark roses and a drop of coriander.

If you’d have told me that I’d love this scent, I probably would have outright called you a liar. Jasmine, when worn on my skin, inevitably turns to a sour scent like cat pee. Or not so inevitably, as it turns out. This smells awesome on me.  I actually didn’t think it smelled brassy at all in its wet stage. Bright, yes. But not metallic or strident or astringent in any way. After about 10 minutes, it smells like a positively creamy jasmine, probably from the sandalwood underpinnings. I don’t actually smell any amber here, but there is also a sort of velvety quality that I associate with certain rose oils, so that might be it. Oh goodness, this is a good one. It’s a classy floral that you can wear in warm weather or cool. It’s bright and sunny but also very well rounded. Well done.

Scent Impressions with Dreaming Tree Soapworks

Dreaming Tree Soapworks - Soap

Last month, I received my second order from Dreaming Tree Soapworks, an artisan bath, body, and home company that sells hot process soaps, scrubs, lotions, and candles– basically anything you’d need for a night of self-pampering. It contained five soaps and two candles, so I thought I’d do a little bit of a scent review for you.

Fangorn Forest – The smell of deep old woods mingled something warm and mysterious surrounding you in a hemp and shea butter enriched soap.

This is a very comforting green scent. If I were to guess what was in it, I’d say some sort of warm resin, like amber or copal, plus a bed of evergreens and maybe a touch of bayberry. It lacks the dirtiness of patchouli, for those of you out there who are patchouli haters. It’s also not Christmas-y at all. Just a very clean, soothing, grounding smell.  Continue reading

Femme Skills Level: Booyah

A drive-by posting as I have elsewheres to be: my current mani, which is ADORABLE. I just received a packet of three new stamping plates from MoYouLondon (yesssssss), and I didn’t like my polish, so I did this little stamping number instead. I used Zoya Neely to start, and then layered Sinful Colors’ Nail Junkie (a sheer blue jelly with iridescent sparkle) on top. Waited for that to dry, and then used Konad’s Special White to stamp on this nautical mani from the MoYo Sailor collection.


MoYouLondon Sailor Collection Mani

Femme skills level: Booyah.

My Favorite New Blush: Clinique Cheek Pop in Berry Pop

Clinique Berry Pop Blush

For a long time, I was not really a blush person. Sure, I’d put on a bit of unobtrusive cream blush to look not-dead, but as a round-faced person, I was afraid that a colorful blush would make me look like a Russian nesting doll. Eventually, I picked up a few pigmented blushes and learned how to apply them so that that didn’t happen, but one thing they all had in common is shimmer.

Then the Clinique Cheek Pop blushes came on the scene, to much fanfare and rave reviews. At $21, they’re not exactly inexpensive, but I would say that they’re well priced for what they are. And also, they’re super cute. Look at that daisy. Adorable.

Usually, Clinique is not a brand I pay attention to. I know friends who are pretty loyal because the brand is hypoallergenic. But for me, it always felt kind of… basic. So I think it’s cool that they’re coming out with products that skew young and fresh.

Clinique Berry Pop Blush

Clinique Berry Pop Blush

The color I eventually settled on from their initial four color release was Berry Pop, a saturated berry pink. The formula has the emollient quality of a gel, while still remaining a powder product. It applies easily with a blush brush and blends like a dream.

Clinique Berry Pop Blush

This is a heavy swatch, just for the camera. When I wear it, it’s obviously not this bright. It actually looks quite natural, brightening my face without looking clownish. It looks especially awesome paired with a bright lip. (In fact, if you look at my profile image, I’m wearing it there.)

So now, I think I need Peach Pop. Maybe Plum Pop as well. And god help me if they come out with more shades.