Beauty Bites

Sometimes, little mini-reviews accumulate, so today I’m going to give you my quick thoughts on several products.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I recently switched over to TooFaced’s Shadow Insurance for an eyeshadow primer. I really like it! I mean, primer is primer, and it’s hard to get excited about. I’ve previously used UDPP & The Balm’s Put a Lid On It, but this one is pretty great when it comes to texture and packaging. It really helps keep my shadow from creasing, and it keeps bright colors bright.

Dr Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm

One of the deluxe samples I’ve gotten at Sephora lately was this Dr Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm, one of the few actual BB creams sold in the states that actually deserves the name. I recently finished Dr Jart’s Water Fuse BB cream (which I love), but it was out of stock when I went to reorder. I got this instead, to test out and tide me over. Verdict: I like it. I think I like the Water Fuse one just a little bit better, but they are very similar products. There is not much pigmentation here, but for me, it’s more about how it feels on my skin. After trying out other American-made BB creams and being REALLY unimpressed with them (ugh, Tarte’s deserves a Wall of Shame post for how it NEVER DRIES EVER), I keep coming back to Dr Jart+ and just use concealer or dabs of foundation where I need more coverage, like around my nose.

Benefit They're Real! Mascara

I keep getting samples of Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara, which suits me just fine. Mascara samples are great, because that means they don’t go bad before you can use them up. And since sample sizes of this one are ubiquitous (and frequently able to be purchased with Sephora BI perk points), I’ve gone through a few of these. In its favor, it’s a super deep black, and one coat is all you need for fabulosity in terms of both length and volume. It doesn’t clump a whole lot, and when they say “long wearing” they are SO NOT KIDDING. In fact, that’s the downside– this NEVER COMES OFF. Ever. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I wore it yesterday, and it took two attempts at waterproof eye makeup remover, a shower, and an additional makeup remover towlette to get all of it off. So this is a great mascara if you don’t mind the elbow grease it takes to be rid of it.

I also have an issue  because I have very long lashes and lids that are slightly hooded– I have to check in the mirror frequently because my lashes touch the skin just below my brows, and they leave annoying black smudges. That’s not specific to this mascara, though. Mostly I’m just mentioning it to see if anyone else has the problem, and did you figure out a way to solve it?

Nars Lipgloss: Orgasm

Nars Lipgloss: Orgasm

Another of my Beauty Insider points perks was this mini of NARS gloss in Orgasm. Every time I go to Sephora, I look at all the pretty glosses from NARS and think about how lovely Orgasm is, in particular– it’s a very luminous peach with gold shimmer, and is pretty universally flattering. But then I go “in no universe ever would I ever pay $26 for a LIP GLOSS.” So when this popped up as a points perk option, I snapped it up.


Nars Lipgloss: OrgasmIt is, indeed, a very pretty lipgloss. It looks great with almost everything, from a super colorful eye to something more subdued and neutral. It’s not super-sticky, it doesn’t have a nasty smell, and it doesn’t dry out my lips. That said, there is still no force on this Earth that could ever persuade me to purchase a $26 lip gloss. Especially when you look at swatches of brands who have extensive lip gloss lines (NARS, BareEscentuals/Moxie, Urban Decay) and 90% of them look indistinguishably sheer. Nope nope nope. But, as always, YMMV, especially if this turns out to be  a Holy Grail product for you.

My Bite Beauty Lippie Collection

Since I reviewed Bite Beauty’s Palomino/Violet duo earlier this week and have Crimson for you next week, here’s a quick snapshot of my current Bite Beauty library. Love, love, love, and desperately want more.

And now to finish up with two of my recent manis. My hands and cuticles have been a bit dry lately, thanks to an overabundance of work I need to finish before the house packing project begins. With what I do, I simply can’t apply hand creme throughout the day, but I’ve at least been trying to keep my nails painted.

Illamasqua Stance + Nubar 2010

Illamasqua Stance + Nubar 2010


This one is a cool mix of Illamasqua’s Stance, a fuchsia jelly with a flawless formula, with a topper of Nubar 2010, a color-shifting glitter flakie.

Recent Mani - Zoya Neely & Purity, Stamped with AEngland St George

Recent Mani - Zoya Neely & Purity, Stamped with AEngland St George


And this, my current mani, features two Zoya Polishes– Purity (white creme) and Neely (mint creme), stamped over with two patterns and AEngland’s St George (deep teal holo). I have some new MoYouLondon plates on the way (including a summery/ocean themed one), and I can’t WAIT to play with it when it gets here!

That’s all that’s fit to print. Next week, I have more Bite Beauty, some Revlon glosses, and a couple of odds and ends! Have a great weekend!



2 thoughts on “Beauty Bites

    • Hey there! It really sort of depends on what your vibe is– if you’re more of a neutrals or a brights kinda gal. They occasionally put out sets & palettes. Though I don’t see any lipstick sets out right now (though there is a gloss set), I’d say to maybe wait until one comes out and you can try a selection for a good value. But if you like neutrals, Pepper and Rhubarb are great everyday shades. For brights, Palomino and Quince are great. The high pigment pencils are basically creme lipstick chubby sticks, so check those out, too!

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