Delicious Smells from Paintbox Soapworks

Last month, horror of horrors, I found that my once over-stuffed soap cabinet was very nearly depleted. What’s worse, I had completely worked through my third order of Clean Slate facial scrub. Since that, obviously, could not stand, I hied myself over to Paintbox Soapworks to place an order.

In addition to Clean Slate, I purchased two soaps, and was gifted with a generous sample of a third (as Hayley, the proprietress, knows my love of the great departed Walk In The Woods). Here are my reviews of those three soaps, and I apologize that I did not have the time when I was testing to photograph them properly. Instead, we’ll use Hayley’s awesome product shots. So really, that’s kind of a bonus.

Paintbox Soapworks - Nekisse Soap

Nekisse: Deep, rich Ethiopian coffee studded with ripe blueberries & buttery pastry crumbs.

Oh. My. God. This is absolutely delicious. The coffee is indeed deep and rich, and it smells like it’s being served up with hot blueberry pie with a flaky crust. What a way to get out of bed. This one made me so hungry.  Yeah, it sort of became an insta-favorite. I need it in a scrub. (And apparently, this is based on a real coffee blend, which I now need to track down…)

Paintbox Soapworks - Go Green Soap

Go Green: An earthy, woodsy blend of clary sage & cedar essential oils, with a spark of lime & lavender.

While not a replacement for Walk In The Woods, I’d call them scent cousins. While WITW had a bright, clear, fresh green note, this one is more like soil after the rain in a deep, old forest.  Much earthier, but still very green. The clary sage is prominent in this one, and while I’d thought I’d smelled a bit of patchouli, it was probably the cedar. It’s very nice.

Paintbox Soapworks - Big in Japan Soap

Big In Japan: A translucent green blend of matcha tea, crisp yuzu & serene sandalwood.

Are you one of those people who find it hard to get going in the morning? Well, take your morning shower with Big In Japan, and that will no longer be a problem. It’s a bold, citrusy punch in the face that’ll open your eyes just as easily as a coffee. The yuzu is front and center here– and, for those who are unfamiliar with the Japanese fruit, it’s sort of what you’d smell if you mashed together a grapefruit and a not-quite-ripe lemon. It’s bright, zingy, and just a touch herbal.  For those of you who shower extra in the warmer months to de-sweat yourself, you’ll be pleased with just how clean this one leaves you feeling. Such a great summer scent.

So that was my latest Paintbox order. Three soaps, three winners. Now to plot the next…



One thought on “Delicious Smells from Paintbox Soapworks

  1. I have the Nekisse scrub. NOMNOMNOM.

    I need to try Go Green now, since I did like Walk in the Woods a lot, but the earthiness you describe sounds even better to me. 🙂

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