10 Minute Makeup – Femme Fatale Cosmetics Look #2

This morning, I found myself in a rush to get up and out the door. Blame it on my cat, Nox, who was so damn adorable, waking me up to play with him. So we stayed in bed and he wrestled my hand for about 20 minutes, leaving me about 10 minutes for makeup in my morning routine. Generally, I take about 20 minutes, watching one of the previous night’s Comedy Central offerings On Demand over coffee.

This look uses 3 of the Femme Fatale eyeshadows I swatched yesterday: Sunfire, Flare, and Flowers From Flames. The fact that it looks nicely blended has more to do with the shadows themselves than my technique today– I’d like to revisit these colors when I’m not in such a hurry. ¬†Instead of liner along the top lid, I used a thin line of Urban Decay’s glitter liner for a little sparkle.

Femme Fatale Look #2

For my lips, I tossed on a quick layer of Revlon’s Colorburst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait– if I had time, I’d probably have gone with something more pigmented. But at least it didn’t look clownish when paired with such a bright eye.

Femme Fatale Look #2

Anyhow, pretty colors! They made my eyes look super blue. I continue to be really impressed with Femme Fatale!


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