2 Colorful EOTDs + Bangs!

As part of my ongoing challenge to myself to get out of my makeup rut, yesterday and today, I did two really colorful eye looks.

Yesterday, I did a very bright tropical aqua & green look using old Aromaleigh samples. I finished it off with a bright purple cat eye for a sort of peacock effect.

IMG_8733 IMG_8736


This was WAY outside my color comfort zone– in general, cool-toned colors tend to really wash me out. But surprisingly, this did NOT look like I had gotten jumped by Mimi of Drew Carey fame. I only wish I’ paired it with a more colorful lip– maybe coral? Well, you live and you learn.

Today, I did pretty purples with a little bit of a silver highlight in the center of the lid. No eyeliner this time– I’m trying out not wearing heavy eyeliner on my top lid sometimes, as it really opens up my eye area. Next challenge: to get my mascara to go all the way down to the roots on the topsides. I always press my mascara wand to the base of my lashes and wiggle it before pulling it up, but I haven’t yet figured out the magical trick to getting the same on the top, and I don’t know if I’m willing to futz with a lash card. Tips?

Purple Look

Purple Look


As you can probably tell, I made a big hair change yesterday! Due for a trim, I tasked my stylist, Aris, with giving me bangs that are a cross between Zooey Deschanel and Taylor Swift. Though I have a LOT of hair, it is very fine and has a tendency to part in the center no matter how much I train it, so I knew my bangs would have to be thick.

Aris @ Bubbles Salon, Towson

Ain’t he cute? Anyhow, he works at Bubbles Salon in Towson Town Centre. I was pretty skeptical about getting my hair done at a place in the mall, but after a year of fruitlessly trying stylists at various high end places around town, I went, “you know, I have never seen a person come out of that place with a bad haircut,” so I took the plunge. And I’ve been seeing Aris for a little over a year. He’s awesome. (And the secret to Bubbles’ styling genius? The chain pays for their stylists to take continuing education classes. They never get to rest on their laurels, and are always learning new techniques. Well done, Bubbles.) The staff there is always super friendly, they never give me shit about my hair (you’d be surprised how averse many stylists are to colorful hair), and I’ve found their scheduling to be very flexible.

Bangs! Bangs!

I also have slightly longer bits on either side of the bangs that frame my face if I want a different look. Yay versatility! I pulled them back today for a more traditional bang look, though.

Bangs are a really big change for me! I am glad I let them settle overnight before making any final judgments because I absolutely love them!


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