OMG Pretty Colors – My Eyeshadow Sample Collection

Eyeshadow Sample Collection

I have a hair appointment later today (bangs! I’m doing it!), which means that I will be in the vicinity of a Sephora. As I can’t afford to be super indulgent with my fun money at the moment, I decided to do a “shop my stash” type dealie this morning to remind myself of all the makeup I actually have but don’t use regularly, lest I be tempted by the same shade of fuchsia lipstick that I already have, like, five dupes for.  (And I found that I actually already own the exact Revlon LE lipstick I’ve been lusting over recent swatches of. So it works.)

Then I remembered the colorful eyeshadow challenge I lined up for myself and decided to sort through the incredible morass of eyeshadow samples I have from various indie companies. Most are Aromaleigh 1.0, but there are various other companies in there, too.

Eyeshadow Sample Collection Eyeshadow Sample Collection IMG_87Eyeshadow Sample Collection

And DUDE. Dude. This doesn’t even include the mini-sizes that come in little plastic jars, of which I have an additional empty Birchbox full. Maybe once my next Darling Girl order comes in I’ll photograph those, too. (I decided I needed more duochromes, so I placed sample orders at DG and an inaugural order at Australia’s Femme Fatale Cosmetics, which has AMAZING duochromes.)

So many colors. Pretty colors. Drool.



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