Pinky-gold Look & Beauty Challenge

I’ve been in a beauty rut lately. It seems I’ve been doing some combo of pink + gold for awhile now… or as I jokingly call them, my “team colors.”

So after this post, I’m challenging myself to do a series of looks with different colors. Which should be fun– in a few weeks, I’ll have an influx of fun new colors from Darling Girl Cosmetics and Femme Fatale Cosmetics to try out. But I do have a bunch of old, colorful Aromaleigh stuff to sift from– time to push outside my comfort zone.

One of the other things I’ve been playing around with is not really using eyeliner on my top lid– I have found that with my eye shape, for colorful looks, it really opens up my eye.

Pinky-gold LOTD IMG_8700 Pinky-gold LOTD

This look here uses Aromaleigh’s Vivelerock from the discontinued Sonic Rocks collection. The gold on the lid is actually Darling Girl’s Hope, which is more green shimmer in a sheer lavender base– which is GREAT for brightening eyes. I used just the teensiest bit of Persephone Minerals’ Khalifa in the crease just to deepen it, and Fyrinnae’s Rapunzel Had Extensions under my bottom lashes for a pop of gold.

I applied a shimmery coral blush– NARS’ Orgasm– to my cheeks, and finished up with Urban Decay’s Jilted lipstick, since it is my jam lately.

Pinky-gold LOTD


I’m also considering bangs. Thick bangs. Spring means change, and I’m ready for it.


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