Subtle Stamping with Ninja Polish’s Mystic Glacier

My favorite nail polish I acquired in 2013 was a gorgeous multichrome from Ninja Polish, Mystic Glacier. This stunner has a blue jelly base with teal shimmmer, but at various angles, that changes from purple to amber to vivid green. It’s an absolutely hypnotic shade.

When painting my nails, I had the idea to use a multichrome base and do a very subtle stamping over top that the stamping would only be visible from certain angles. So I used an old drugstore pale gold to do the stamping (Scherer Chameleon brand, now out of business). And I loooove how it turned out!

Ninja Polish - Mystic Glacier

Ninja Polish - Mystic GlacierWhen tilt my nails so that the green is most prominent, the stars nearly disappear. It’s a really cool effect!

Also, that day, I was working on wire-wrapping some druzy, and I noticed that the druzy I was working on framing matched my nails exactly.

Ninja Polish - Mystic Glacier


How cool is that?  Also, how horrific is it that my hands dry out so much when I work? Metalsmith woes. Anyway, the finished collection of wrapped druzy & labradorite will be in my shop by month’s end!


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