Review: Cult Nails Wax That, Wicked Fast, & Flushed

Cult Nails

Cult Nails has been beloved by bloggers ever since they came on the lacquer scene. Their inventory boasts a core line, well-curated limited edition collections, and three types of top coats, among other goodies.  Their Wicked Fast speed-dry top coat has been recommended across the board. Here are my thoughts on two of those top coats, as well as Flushed, a beautiful purple polish.

I don’t have any photos of Wicked Fast in practice, though I wore it instead of Seche Vite in my last few mani posts.  I wanted to test it over a variety of other brands, and nail art. Since Seche Vite is so widely used, I’m going to use that as my comparison benchmark.  And my response is: meh. I appreciate that Wicked Fast big 3 free. It certainly doesn’t smell as bad as Seche Vite. It does dry very quickly, probably the fastest of all the topcoats I’ve tried. That said, it’s just not as shiny, imo. And I have found it’s much more delicate to apply over nail art than Seche Vite. You have to be really careful not to smudge. Longevity, imo, is slightly shorter than Seche Vite. It’s a good one to have in the stash if you need a one-coat-and-out-the-door mani. It wouldn’t be my every-mani topcoat, however.

Next up: the Wax That wax-look topcoat. I got this because I like the look of matte, but sometimes it’s just a little too chalky-looking (which may be the point), and this seemed less so. Plus I have terrible chipping with matte topcoats. I had my hopes.

So, how did this do? I like the effect of this top coat, for sure. But it chips on me within 48 hours. I’m not talkin’ tip wear. I’m talking full-on chipping, all three times I used it. Not to mention, it is SO sensitive to denting. Like, you can dent this ish the morning AFTER you paint your nails, no kidding. It just never seems to fully cure the way shiny topcoats do.  If you change your nails often, you might not have a problem with this.  If you don’t… steer clear.

Now, for swatches: I initially was going to wear this over Flushed, but I thought something a little more textured might help you see the effect better, so I went for Barielle Elle’s Spell (flakies in red jelly) over Zoya’s Sooki.

Cult Nails Wax That Topcoat

Cult Nails Wax That TopcoatAs you can see, it’s not fully matte, but it is a pretty neat effect.

Finally, Flushed. It’s one of the two color polishes by Cult Nails I own. The other is Nevermore, which is the inky, one-coat black OF MY DREAMS. It’s perfect. Best black ever, and perfect for stamping.  Flushed is a lovely royal purple that’s halfway between a creme and a jelly. Two coats is good, three is better.

Cult Nails: Flushed Cult Nails: Flushed Cult Nails: FlushedAs you can see, there is some tip wear. I purposefully waited to take the pics for 24 hours, because I did want to show that accurately. The swatches here are actually about a month old, and this mani lasted 4 days before significant chipping occurred, but the tip wear was nigh-instantaneous.

It’s a very pretty color, but the formula was not my favorite.

That said, I do look forward to trying other colors in their lineup. Mayhem, in particular, looks like a lot of fun.


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