March’s Blogger of the Month – Chalkboard Nails

For the second installment of Blogger of the Month, I decided to highlight Chalkboard Nails.

I am, like, 95% sure that Sarah is actually a wizard.

Not only is her nail art always completely impeccable and fun, but look at her perfect little fingers. Seriously. Wizardry.

As someone who’s been striving to take better nail photos*, she’s an inspiration. Go look!


*Forreals, though. My cuticles are thick and cantankerous, and they hate me. I have been moisturizing religiously. And juuuust when I think my cuticles look pretty good, I go and take a photo, which is of course blown up times eleventybillion, and lo, my cuticles look dry and sad. And then I try to blur them gently in photoshop and end up looking like an alien creature with NO cuticles. THE STRUGGLE.  In addition to thick creme, I’ve tried Burt’s Bees cuticle balm. Smells great, feels great. And yet. I have tried Digital Nails’ Ctrl+Z, and while it smells awesome, it’s not really doing anything. Maybe I need to get those mitteny things and do hand masks a few times a week. I repeat: THE STRUGGLE.

/end first-world problems.




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