It’s Like Magic – Digital Nails’ Colorvaria

One of my favorite recent trends in indie polish has been thermals. Magical nail polishes that change color depending on the temperature of your hands. I have heard that thermals have a shelf life of about a year before they get stuck in their “base” color, but I think my oldest thermal is over a year and I haven’t had a problem with it (yet).

The polish I’m showing you today is a really cool one from Digital Nails: Colorvaria. Colorvaria shifts between a clear with shimmering pink/blue/green iridescent microglitter, and a vivid pink with the same shimmer. As I’m dealing with some minor staining, I painted two coats over Zoya’s Purity, a true white creme. So you’ll see the clear “warm” color over a white base.

Digital Nails - Colorvaria Thermal PolishThis is how the polish generally looks on my hands, which are almost always cold. It’s not at full pink saturation, but it’s close.

Digital Nails - Colorvaria Thermal PolishAaaaand warm.

Digital Nails - Colorvaria Thermal Polish…this is literally moments after my fingers started drying after I dipped them in warm water. Curse you, anemia! The in-between stage looks anything like a cool ombre to a pink-tipped French mani.

Digital Nails - Colorvaria Thermal PolishAnd fully cold.

Formula on this one was so-so. The Digital Nails polishes I’ve tried have generally been awesome, with a few exceptions (I had to thin Wights of Their Eyes down considerably; the glow was awesome but it was like painting my nails in Mod Podge). This one is thick-ish. Not unusably so, but I’d recommend using thin coats and waiting a few minutes between them. It’s not a topcoat hog. It also looks really cool matte!

Aaaaand now for some magic, courtesy of a gif!

ColorvariaIsn’t it awesome?


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