Deconstructing Eden: Kushiel’s Legacy Perfume Reviews

Deconstructing EdenAfter my last review of Deconstructing Eden‘s perfumes, I went and purchased a bunch of the Kushiel’s Legacy-based scents, as I’m currently doing a re-read. I love the books. They’re so many different books all rolled into one– political intrigue, alternate history, romance, devotional, travel, and, uh, smut. But I love smut. So.

I purchased seven of the 2ml samples, so they’re not quite as pretty as the full size bottles. But they come in very sturdy atomizers, so if you’re the type who likes to change your scent often (as I do) or likes to have a backup in your purse without fear of spillage, the 2mls are perfect. They’re also perfectly affordable, at $2.50 a pop.

Deconstructing EdenThe first four scents I’m going to review are probably the most central to the book’s themes– the two leads and the two most important religious figures in the book.

Phèdre –  Fair and creamy skin, Cereus blossom (for the house she was fostered in); a touch of jasmine (for Phedre’s mother Lilliane, an adept of Jasmine House), rose for Naamah, a drop of pomegrante (for Kushiel) and a drop of red skinned apple (For Kushiel’s Dart) Devastatingly feminine, deceptively soft and yielding.

Phèdre begins its wet stage all white flowers and powder. I am not especially known for my love of white flowers, but this isn’t a scent that sends me sneezing. It lacks the sweet sharpness that I tend to associate with jasmine, so I suppose the scent that I smell is likely cereus blossom rounded by the faintest touch of rose. I never quite smell the pomegranate on my skin, which may be a blessing, as pomegranate often turns sour on me. What I do smell, on the drydown, is a certain creaminess to the blossom and a faint waft of apple in the background– overall, this scent smells predominantly of feminine, soft, white flowers. It is demure and somewhat traditional.

JoscelinA complex blend of white musks, the summer sky blue of his eyes, the sharpness of the cold winter air in Skaldi territory and grey wool.

Wow, this one IS a very complex one. It manages to take the very conceptual notes of the description and manifest them into reality. For fans of BPAL, the wet stage of this one reminded me very much of the now-discontinued Szepasszony, which is why, in my visualization, I associate this type of scent with cold, slashing rain. For the less conceptually-motivated, this translates as a base of white musk that blends with ozone and freshwater aquatic notes. As it dries down, there is sort of a white pepper note that sits in the background, which lends a sense of “wool” to it. The only conceptual note that I never seem to get is “summer sky blue” – to me, this scent starts out white and fades to grey. Is this a scent you’re going to want to wear? I suppose that depends on your feelings on ozone/aquatic. Is it a scent you’re going to want to wear while reading this book? Absolutely, ’cause it captures the character indelibly.

Kushiel – Bronze tipped leather whips, a drop of pomegranate, smoky incense, black agar, black pepper and black myrrh.

Far and away my favorite of this batch. This one is perfect for my resin-loving self. Seconds after application, there’s a brief punch of wet black leather, but that fades to the background almost instantly on me, revealing a thick, resinous base. The incense and myrrh are stunning, rich and ambery. As it dries down, the incense persists, but is joined by a bit of the black pepper and the warmth of the leather. Even so, I did not find this to be an overwhelmingly masculine scent. Instead, it’s a very sexy unisex.

Naamah – Rose attar and rose absolute, jasmine, ylang ylang, dove wings and amber. 

How well you like Naamah is going to depend on two things: 1 – how your own personal skin chemistry amps florals, and 2- how well you like ylang ylang. Unfortunately for me, I deeply dislike ylang ylang, but my skin LOVES it. Such is my plight. This one starts off very lush– blooming and rich red roses with an amber backing. Had it stayed there, I’d be wearing it all day, errday. Alas, after about 15 minutes, on my skin, the ylang ylang took over and never went away. If you love ylang ylang, you should definitely try this. If you don’t, stay far, far away.

As for the other scents I purchased, I’m still testing them. I also plan to pick up a few more, as per the Deconstructing Eden Facebook page, 11 new Kushiel’s Legacy scents will go live soon. After years of back and forth with Ms. Carey, there has finally been approval for Melisande, and I am also very excited for Delaunay and Alcuin.


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