Blush Brush Love: Sonia Kashuk Has A Winner

It took me a really long time to realize how essential blush is to a balancing a cohesive look if you’re doing a full face of makeup. As a pale, round-faced chick, I was worried that noticeable blush would only emphasize the roundness of my face, or would look clownish on me.

Mostly, I had gotten by by applying creme blushes to my cheeks with my fingers to appear not-dead. Which is a thing I still do, especially if I want a dewy, natural look.

But after I fell in love with a few powder blushes, it became quickly apparent to me that the brushes I was using to apply my blush just weren’t doing the trick. Even higher end brushes, like Sephora’s, applied the blushes streakily, and from looking at other bloggers’ swatches, I was fairly certain it wasn’t the blush’s fault.

Enter a Game Changer:

Sonia Kashuk Dense Blush Brush #24Sonia Kashuk’s Brush #24: Dense Blush and Powder. I picked it up at Target for $17.00. Which, if you’re a beauty novice, might seem steep, but MAC’s blush brushes are $35+. Sephora’s are $25+. Real Techniques sells them cheaper, though I have not yet tried any of their brushes. So Sonia Kashuk is pretty mid-range, all things considered.

Let me tell you: it’s a universal truth that using the right tools is every bit as important as using good quality cosmetics. So the first time I used this brush, it was like hearing choirs of angels singing.

Sonia Kashuk Dense Blush Brush #24

Oh my goodness, this is an excellent blush brush. It blends out seamlessly. It even is great for buffing foundation, if that’s a thing you need to do (I use a Beautyblender, so I don’t so much, but it’s worth noting). 

Sonia Kashuk Dense Blush Brush #24The bristles are soft and very densely-packed. It does not shed. It feels like velvet on your face, forreals. I have regularly been wearing powder blush since I purchased it, and now I’m super excited to try out new blushes that I’d previously been iffy about because I didn’t know if I’d actually wear them or not.

Milani’s pretty rosey blushes are definitely on my list. And maybe some of the new Aromaleigh ones, too.  It’s a whole neeeeeew wooooooooorld! /Disney


One thought on “Blush Brush Love: Sonia Kashuk Has A Winner

  1. I really like the Sonia Kashuk brushes. I bought a travel sized set for eyes and they’ve become my go to brushes despite the size of the handles. Granted, I don’t have any high end brushes, but I like the Sonia Kashuk ones better then the ones I have from Real Techniques. And thank you for posting this, because it was like a reminder that oh yea, I DO like those brushes. I should maybe pick up a full sized set.

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