Delicious Smells from Firebird Bath & Body

Alongside Villainess & Paintbox Soapworks, the third company that I am fairly loyal to when it comes to unstinking myself is Firebird Bath & Body. Many of my husband’s favorite soaps come from Firebird, and ordering from them has the added bonus of buying local for us– Firebird is a Baltimore-based company. I’ve probably been ordering from here for about three years or so, long enough that I’ve tried most of scents in the catalog.

My most recent order was for some of our household favorites: Woodland, Viking, and Woodsmoke & Vanilla, along with one of the newly-released scents: Timberwood.

Firebird Bath & BodyWoodsmoke & Vanilla is the ultimate winter comfort scent. I wear it so often as a perfume that I think most of my scarves are permanently scented with it. I’ve often gifted it to friends going through a rough time. It starts off with a rich-but-not-sweet vanilla, which curls itself around a soft, warm smoky note reminiscent of a fireplace. My husband LOVES this one as a soap, and it always makes our entire bathroom smell so wonderful.

Timberwood is new to us. It’s one of the  textured soaps that utilizes poppy seeds for mild exfoliation. It’s definitely an evergreen-woodsy type scent. However, there’s no spice, so it doesn’t quite venture into Christmas territory. I think of it as the Winter version of a scent like Woodland, which is now my go-to “realistic fresh greenery” scent, ever since Paintbox discontinued their phenomenal Walk in the Woods soap a few years back.

The soaps are not hot process, so they do unfortunately get used up pretty quickly. In my two-person household, a 4 oz bar lasts us about six days. On the plus side, they are silky smooth, feel wonderful on the skin, and are very scented.

The scent profile I associate with Firebird’s products is very pure–  they’re not fussy or overly-blended. Often, they smell like exactly what they say on the packaging, but in itself, that simplicity is quite comforting because they don’t smell synthetic in any way.

As far as the non-soap products they sell, I really like their body scrub cubes, and their lip balms are some of my absolute favorites, both in terms of formula (thick and long lasting) and flavors offered (Apple Crumb Cake is my current, but I almost always have a tube of Lemon Sugar on me). I haven’t yet tried their lotion products, as I don’t use up lotion all that quickly, and I have enough Villainess Whipped to last me a good long while.

I’m already plotting my next Firebird order. In honor of their 5th anniversary, they’ve done a limited release of some nostalgia scents that have long been discontinued. I definitely need to get my hands on some Rosemary Mint before it leaves the shop!


4 thoughts on “Delicious Smells from Firebird Bath & Body

  1. I have a decent collection of Firebird perfumes. Sugar Maple is a fall favorite along with Solstice Scents’ Maplewood Inn for maple and smoke goodness. Moroccan Fig is my go to for dance performances and I love Peach Tea in the summer.

    • I love that they come in rollerballs, too! Perfect for the purse. They don’t last as long as some of my other favorite perfume lines, imo, but at least they make touching up super easy.

    • Viking is sort of a “clean” scent. It’s got kind of a clay-ish base with cold ozone over it. It’s not at all cologne-y, but I’d say it’s on the masculine side of unisex.

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