So, recently, I have gotten very into stamped manicures. I’m finally getting the hang of it, and most of my stamps go on evenly on the first try.  I’m also starting to take better care of my hands– I have thick, stubborn cuticles that like to stick to my nail beds, and so I bought some cuticle remover, and it’s definitely helping.

From least to most recent:

Tapestry mani: this is a damask pattern stamp (a Konad, I think? I bought it from BornPrettyStore) done with a base of Cult Nails’ Nevermore, and then stamped with Zoya’s Penny. From about two weeks ago. I then topped it with Cult Nails’ Wax That topcoat, which I’m having mixed feelings about. (It feels dry to the touch after 15 minutes, but is dentable for several hours until it fully cures.)  I think I would have liked this better with a shiny topcoat. The pattern was blurred a bit by the wax topcoat.

Tapestry Nails Tapestry Nails

Black Mehndi Mani: This was a fun one! I used Digital Nails’ Highlander (a yellow gold holo) and stamped it with Cult Nails’ Nevermore using a MoYouLondon plate. I loved how this one turned out!

Mehndi Nails Mehndi Nails Mehndi NailsGolden Flowers Mani: my current mani, and it looks gorgeous in person. I started with Butter London’s Toff, which is a lovely dusty mauve neutral, and stamped it with Konad Special Gold and a MoYouLondon plate. The thing I like about this mani is its subtlety– it’s subdued, but really elegant. In person, the gold metallic isn’t as flat as it looks in photos. It looks fantastic, like the gilding you see on fancy vases (vaaaaah-ses!) in museums. Swoon.

Stamped Mani: Butter London’s Toff stamped with Konad Special Gold Stamped Mani: Butter London’s Toff stamped with Konad Special Gold


Oh MoYouLondon, you are feeding my obsession.



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