Autumn Is A State of Mind: Deconstructing Eden Perfumes

Legal disclosure: this review features items that were gifted to me at no cost.

Deconstructing Eden Perfume

For starters, let me just say that this review is ridonculously late. This Autumn and Winter, I was sick near-constantly. And when I wasn’t physically ill, I had no spoons left.  So these two perfumes, limited editions, have had their day in the sun. But that’s okay, because not only is Autumn a state of mind, but there are plenty of other scents to be sniffed in the catalog!

Now that that’s out of the way, let me tell you about Deconstructing Eden perfumes. The brainchild of my good friend Toni, I have had the pleasure of watching her talent and ambition grow over the last several years. Full disclosure: she did gift me with these two perfumes, but, as always, you get my honest and unbiased opinions.

I have a MASSIVE perfume collection. I love to smell things. I love to smell like things. But one thing I generally do not like is alcohol-based perfumes. I’m a perfume oil-type person. Even so, I have always loved Deconstructing Eden’s alcohol-based concoctions. For whatever reason, they don’t make me sneeze the way most commercial perfumes do.

The two scents I am writing about today were from the Autumn collection.

Autumn ’13The Autumn festival has come to town. The hay bales are stacked and lined with pumpkins, proprietors of candies boasting their goods, children playing in the already fallen leaves and a sweet scent of resins burning on open fires. At the heart of every festival- casks of cider stacked in abundance. Autumn has come and it’s time to enjoy the fruits of ones labors.

This is a great scent for people who love the scents of Fall, but who don’t want to smell like dessert. It has warm, spicy base that is mingled with what smells, to me, like copal resin. Maybe some amber, as well. There is some red apple and cinnamon in the wet phase, but as it dries, the scent morphs to something like dry, golden grasses. Maybe that’s the “fallen leaves”? Whatever it is, it smells glorious. I don’t actually get a whole lot of pumpkin out of this one, though my skin, notorious for amping sweetness, does slightly sweeten this scent at the 3 hour mark. Overall: this is a great mix of gourmand and grown-up. It’ll make you smell like Autumn without making you smell like a craft store potpourri candle. Score!

Jack O’ Lantern –  It’s always down a dark path when senses are awakened and a tingle threatens to slip down a spine. Sweet and buttery pumpkins wafting on the crisp night air mixed with the smoke from so many hearths. And that’s when it’s seen. That decrepit and forlorn house at the end of the street. Jack o’ lanterns lining the porch, casting moving shadows across the unkempt garden brush. A Golden light sweeps from the front door and then blocked by a shadowy figure. It lights more jack o’ lanterns but remains on the porch. A sweet inviting scent of ambers and woods creeps across the breeze. The figure beckons and the scents call to the darkness. Will you accept the dark call or flee from it for the rest of your days?

Far from bringing to mind anything dark or decrepit, this wonderful scent brings to mind a harvest house full of warm light. The first thing in the wet phase that I smell is something like beeswax– a creamy base that rounds out the pumpkin. The amber, maybe? But it somehow smells like it’s been slightly mixed with just a hint of a sophisticated vanilla. There is also some spice, but it’s subdued, and not at all sharp or at the forefront. It’s just so… cozy! After about 45 minutes, the pumpkin starts to give way to the woods, but it always stays there in the background. This is a definite comfort scent, perfect for perfuming your favorite sweater or scarf, and tailor-made for books and blankets and cuddling on the couch.

Currently in the shop: the Valentine’s Day release, as well as a line of perfumes inspired by Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Legacy series (and developed with Ms. Carey herself). Perfumeaphiles, get thee hither!

In other news, I hope you like the site redesign! I was feeling like I needed a bit of a change, and as this blog is coming up on its one year anniversary, there’s no time like the present. Here’s to another few years!


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