February’s Beauty Blogger of the Month Is…

So, I read a lot of beauty blogs. Some of them are very well-known. Some less so. I decided that every month, I’d share one of my favorites. And feel free to share yours in the comments!

The inaugural Beauty Blogger of the Month for February ’14 is…

Brightest Bulb in the Box!

Robyn is a beauty blogger who loves to take down the pseudo-scientific claims and mumbo jumbo that cosmetic companies love to make. She has the scientific know-how to ID the ingredients in a piece and tell you how they’ll make the product work (or if it’s just bullshit). She’s conducted beauty experiments with petrie dishes (and sent me flying to wash my makeup brushes ASAP).

And she’s really, really funny.

So, congrats, Robyn. And thanks for making me laugh.

You can also find Brightest Bulb in the Box over at its Facebook page.


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