EOTD Featuring Darling Girl Cosmetics + Eyeko

EOTD with Darling Girl Cosmetics + EyekoI’ve been busy wear-testing the shadows I pressed, and so far, I’ve been really impressed! They hold up with no fading for 8+ hours over primer (my favorite is TheBalm’s Put A Lid On It).

EOTD with Darling Girl Cosmetics + EyekoThis eye look features Darling Girl Cosmetics’s Obviously A Wig blended very lightly in the crease, and then Hope patted all over the lid. You can’t tell so much in the picture (because my camera apparently hates the color), but Hope has strong grass green shimmer, which really illuminated the eye.

EOTD with Darling Girl Cosmetics + Eyeko I finished it up with a winged eye courtesy of Eyeko’s purple Skinny Liner, which I really need to repurchase. I’ve used it so much for a pop of color that it’s almost all used up. But I love the liner– it’s one of those felt-tip jobbies, and it doesn’t smudge or migrate. A+. Especially since I have difficult eyes to wing-tip– the right one is actually deeper-creased than the left, so I have to sort of compensate and draw slightly different angles in order for it to look even when I open my eyes. Ahh, makeup symmetry problems. My wings still need some work, but they definitely look better than they used to.

I finished the look up with one coat of Buxom’s Buxom Lash mascara, and the barest touch of Urban Decay’s Scorch 24/7 liner (bronze) on the outer corner of my lower lash for definition, and Asphyxiate (lilac) on the waterline.

The whole thing is framed by my usual magenta brows– this is Jane Cosmetic’s Purple Lilac set with Mary Kay’s clear brow gel. It looks a little odd super close-up, but at a normal viewing distance, it just looks like my brows match my hair.


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