Maybelline Unleashes New Nudes – ColorSensational “The Buffs”

Maybelline ColorSensational The BuffsI really like Maybelline’s ColorSensational line. Of drugstore-priced offerings in the US, I feel like they are in the top 3 of what’s available, along with Revlon’s Super Lustrous line, and a lot of Rimmel’s latest hits.

ColorSensational offers a stunning range of colors that only seems to be growing, lipsticks that comfortably last on my lips for 4 hours (or until mealtime), and no offensive scents. (I have had to return L’Oreal lipsticks in the past because they just smelled rancid. It’s really a shame.)

Recently, Maybelline released a permanent expansion to the line– “The Buffs,” which feature nine new “nude” shades. And by nude, I mean brown-based, and in a wide enough shade range that nearly everyone should be able to find something close enough to their actual skin tone if that’s the goal.

As for me, I’m very light-skinned. If I were to match my skin tone, I’d look a  bit corpse-y, so I selected two shades that were darker than my skin. One by a few shades, and one dramatically darker. I already have one shade that’s a very light pinky-nude from another brand, and I don’t use it all that often, so I figure I have my bases covered there.

The packaging is pretty standard for the ColorSensational line– these shades come with translucent taupe caps, and the stickers on the bottom approximate the shade. I always keep these in a separate, confined compartment in my purse because after some use, the caps don’t always stay on the tightest. YMMV.

Maybelline ColorSensational The Buffs

The first shade I chose was Truffle Tease, which is sort of a medium taupe. It looks warmer in the bullet than it actually does when worn, I think.

Maybelline ColorSensational The BuffsMaybelline ColorSensational The BuffsIMG_7900On my lips, it definitely had neutral-cool undertones, but not so much that it made me look sick. I will probably add a little bit of a sparkle to this when I wear it, but on my skin tone, it’s a pretty good choice for balancing dark eyeshadow.

Maybelline ColorSensational The Buffs

The second shade I chose was one of the darker ones in the range, Untainted Spice. Which is a pretty weird name for a lipstick, but I digress.

Maybelline ColorSensational The Buffs

I would say that this is sort of a dark rosewood-y shade. Other bloggers have said it has plum undertones, but I’d call it a brown with a pinky-plum base. I swatched it on my arm so you can sort of see what I’m getting at.Buff4

On my lips, it’s definitely a dark rosewood. I feel like these next lip swatches show it a bit lighter than it appeared in person, but I didn’t want to edit the photos too much. So I’ll just note that it appeared darker in person.Maybelline ColorSensational The BuffsMaybelline ColorSensational The Buffs

It’s a pretty lipstick, and one that neutral cool and neutral warm skin tones could both probably pull off. To me, it screams autumn, so I’ll have to pull it out again later in the year.

(Also, many thanks to bloggers like Ommorphia Beauty Bar, Temptalia, and Dulce Candy, who swatched the full collection so I could make informed purchases.)


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