EATABLE PILLOW! Just May Be My Favorite Soap Name Ever.

Villainess Eatable Pillow Soap

When it comes to soap, there are pretty much three brands I’m pretty loyal to. Of those brands, I have been purchasing from Villainess Soaps the longest. Probably since ’05… we are talking long term relationship here.

The reason I love Villainess is that they’re one of the few companies I’ve tried who can make a truly moisturizing hot process bar that’s packed with really interesting scent choices.  I mean, sure, you can get a shea butter lavender bar pretty much anywhere these days, but with Villainess, you get… EATABLE PILLOW!

Villainess Eatable Pillow Soap

When this came in the mail, I eagerly ripped open a bar. I’d purchased two, since I was absolutely certain I’d love it, and I was not wrong.Villainess Eatable Pillow Soap

The scent is pretty amber-heavy, very reminiscent of one of my discontinued Villainess favorites, the late, great Asphyxiate. But there is a sweeter vanilla note softening it, and the lavender is whispering in the background to keep it from getting overly dessert-y. It’s not at all an astringent lavender. It’s just… nice. It’s grounded and floaty at the same time, if that makes sense. This is a very nicely balanced scent.

Eatable Pillow is amazing. I highly recommend it, even if you don’t consider yourself a lavender person. And I’d love if it, or a scent like it, would be added to the Villainess general catalog– Eatable Pillow is currently limited edition.


I do have a second Villainess product to share with you– the ever-popular Smooch!  Smooch! is a sugar scrub that comes in many scents, for many purposes.. Some have very fine sugar for very gentle exfoliation. Others have more aggressive sugar to really get down to business.

This product, the limited edition Pomander, has pretty mid-grade scrubbiness. Its magical property is that it’s warming. Yes, you read that right. Once you start scrubbing, this baby warms up, which makes it pretty much the best thing you could have in your shower in the wintertime. (I have had lots of experience with this formula, as Villainess’s GingerSnapped! is probably my all time favorite scrub ever ever ever.)

Villainess Pomander Smooch

Villainess Pomander Smooch

The scent is pretty much exactly as described– when it says citrus peel, that’s what it means. This scent isn’t sweet and desserty– it smells like pomanders at Christmastime, spiked with dry spices. It’s such a comfort scent. I like it quite a lot.

So there you have it, my most recent Villainess loves. What are your favorite Villainess products?


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