My First Attempt at Nail Stamping!

I am not usually one for nail art. Usually, I think it looks busy, and because of what I do for a living, I absolutely can’t have any sort of raised decal on my nails because I might mar my metals. But I’ve been seeing those butterfly nails that are all over Pinterest, and after I deduced it was done with a stamper and not some freehand witchery, I decided to give it a go.

I bought two plates from Vivid Lacquer to start, and two stampers (a hard and a soft). The soft seemed almost TOO soft to me, so I did this with the harder one. I liked the plate I used very much, but I think I’ll check out other companies– it took over two weeks for my order to ship, and nearly three to get to me. I might get other VL plates in the future, but now at least I know what to expect.

Stamped Mani: Zoya Keiko + AEngland Fonteyn

This is my second attempt, technically. The first was a flat black (Cult Nails Nevermore) over AEngland Fonteyn, and it just didn’t pop. I ended up doing AEngland Fonteyn over Zoya Keiko, and I love it.

Stamped Mani: Zoya Keiko + AEngland Fonteyn

There was a learning curve to get that rolling motion going, but this wasn’t too hard. In honesty, the hardest part for me was being patient enough to wait for my base color to dry.

As you see, I’m having some dry winter sadness with my hands and cuticles, so I think it’s time for a nice long soak and seal with some cuticle butter. But this was a pretty good first try. Only one smudge, and a pretty crisp imprint.

Now to make a list of polishes I want for stamping. A gold holo for sure, to go over teal. So many possibilities!


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